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Senior Projects


Acoustical Analysis of Architectural and HVAC Design for Hartford Public High School
This project consisted of an acoustic evaluation of the Hartford Public high School renovation for Jeter, Cook and Jepson Architects, Inc. The evaluation included an analysis of noise-sensitive spaces and the building mechanical system based on preliminary architectural drawings. Acoustical analysis and design recommendations were developed for the auditorium, natatorium, band and choral rooms, select classrooms, the media center, kitchen, weight/fitness room, and the new field house in compliance with the new ANSI Standard S12.60-2002. Sponsored by Jeter, Cook & Jepson Architects

Impact Testing of Undamped and Damped Pipe Walls
Identifying frequency shifts in a pipe's vibration response has been proposed as a method of detecting changes in stress levels. With this thought in mind, an attempt was made to find a relation between frequency response shifts and the amount of stress applied to a steel pipe. This was done for the application of buried gas pipeline, which can undergo stress due to various geological events such as land slippage. Experiments were done by simulating a buried pipe subjected to a series of tensile loads, while its frequency response was monitored with an accelerometer. The presence of a frequency shift due to a change in the stress of the pipe would potentially prove very beneficial in the prevention of pipeline failures.

Modal Analysis of a Strung and Unstrung Yamaha Classical Acoustic Guitar
This project explains the modal analysis of a strung and unstrung Yamaha factory model G-245S classical acoustic guitar with nylon stings. The purpose of this project was to obtain the natural frequencies and mode shapes below 700Hz, and to determine if the tension of the strings once placed on the guitar would have an effect on the structure's modal parameters.