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Senior Projects


Evaluation of Low-Head Hydro Installation
The research involves developing specifications, designing, reviewing and selecting turbines, and working towards the installation. A head and flow from holding pool on a private residence has been used to generate electricity by use of an over-shoot water wheel. The sponsor is interested in updating the facility. Available head is about 8ft with normal flow of 100-200gpm. Sponsored by Environmental Energy Solutions

Analysis of Vibrating Helical Spring Immersed in a Fluid
The scope of the project is to analytically predict the lateral natural frequency of a helical spring immersed in fluid and quantify the added damping of the fluid. The lateral natural frequency corresponds to the maximum lateral deflection of the spring. The sponsor has a particular interest in lateral deflection because it was a key factor in premature water of jet engine components. Sponsored by UTC Hamilton Sundstrand

OTIS Elevator Break Design
Redesign of the safety brakes for elevators using a variation of a four-bar linkage was investigated. Project objectives were to analyze the existing linkage design and offer design suggestions and alternatives. The redesign would maintain the same braking force as the existing system, be self-energizing using friction and conform to a limited envelope size. Kinematic/Dynamic analysis of the existing and redesigned safety break system was performed. Sponsored by OTIS Elevator