Mechanical Engineering, BSME
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Mechanical Engineering, BSME

Department Chair: Cy Yavuzturk

The profession of Mechanical Engineering truly embodies the spirit of creativity and innovation as it is one of the broadest areas of study in engineering.  It spans the spectrum of all kinds of engineering endeavors, ranging from concept and analysis to design through manufacturing and implementation of a staggering number of products and systems. Mechanical Engineers continuously strive for new discoveries to improve our everyday lives, providing the critical link between fundamental science and applied technical solutions. We rely on the imagination of Mechanical Engineers to successfully guide the development of science and technology through the 21st century in ways that are sustainably shaped, while maintaining an enterprising spirit for generations to come.
Mechanical Engineers are employed in significantly high numbers in a wide range of industrial and governmental sectors, working on projects that range from designing aircraft jet engines; the manufacture and operation of miniature surgical robots; streamlining the aerodynamics of spacecraft; design and installation of renewable energy technologies; to the optimization of acoustical characteristics of music halls.

Mechanical Engineering, BSME

In addition to the broad study of Mechanical Engineering, the department offers concentration areas within the discipline:

Acoustics Concentration

Computational Concentration

Energy and Sustainability Concentration

Manufacturing Concentration

Turbomachinery Concentration

Robotics Concentration

Accredited by CAPTEThe program in Mechanical Engineering is accredited by ABET - Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC).