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Student Projects


Audio Signal Compressor
An example of an audio signal processor developed by a Audio Engineering Technology senior is a compressor device. The devices design was based on application notes from THAT Corporation who supplied technical guidance on the use of their analog audio processing integrated circuits. The student successfully implemented the application notes in addition doing the full circuit board artwork and instrument panel and jack field layout on the unit's external casing. The unit was then beta tested and utilized by professional audio engineers in a pro-level recording studio and received high marks.

VST Production Software Plug-In Authorship
Audio production software authorship is another available project topic. One project successfully undertaken was a "plug-in" for the VST Production environment (simulated recording studio within a personal computer.) A plug-in allows the user of the software to add effects such as echo, reverb and tremolo for example to a given instrument or voice. A Audio Engineering Technology senior successfully wrote the code for a tremolo plug-in in the C programming language. This involved expertise and fluency with the C programming language in addition to close attention and implementation of the VST programming protocol available from Steinberg Corporation. The completed product was distributed at the 2003 New York City Audio Engineering Society convention to enthusiastic VST users attending the convention. University of Hartford Sports Center Sound System The Hartford Hawks are a division I basketball team that competes against the nation's best teams including the legendary UCONN Huskies. They play arena of the University of Hartford Sports Center often filled with thousands of fans. Sound system requirements in such a challenging environment are stringent and in 2003, the original design put in years earlier were not meeting the needs of the players and fans. Players complained that they could not hear information from the court area and fans complained that the system sounded boomy and unclear. Yet another senior project was a complete analysis of the system and a reconfiguration complete with new wiring and many updated processing components installed. The result was a clear sounding system that received high praise from the Sports Center management. All this was done under pressure as the first time the system was used was as the sound system for thousands of attendees to the Spring 2003 graduation ceremonies. They system worked on it's first assignment with no faults and saved the university the thousands it was planning on spending for renting an outside system.