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Success Stories

Joyce & Jerado Reynolds - Reynolds Welding & Fabrication

Jerado and Joyce Reynolds own Reynolds Welding and Fabrication

The now 10-year-old five-employee business, born out of a passion for binding and bending steel to obey Jerado's creative demands, was frequently busy yet barely yielding a profit. Several long introspective conversations with Joyce, his wife of 25 years, led them to consider a change in operations and yet another bold but calculated risk. Under their new plan, she would leave her full-time job as an assistant nursing director and join him full-time in the daily operation of the business.

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Vivian Akuoko - Evay Cosmetics LLC

Winner of Connecticut's 2014 Micro-Enterprise Award!Vivian Akuoko has worked with the Entrepreneurial Center to expand her 30 year business.

It's widely accepted that the definition of an entrepreneur is "one who creates and or operates a business or businesses, and is responsible for greater than normal financial risk". Hopefully the person enjoys the rewards. To succeed, especially in today's economy, you have to have the stomach for it; intestinal fortitude, vision, perseverance, and a champion's spirit. Vivian Akuoko has all of that, and then some.
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Anne Marie Williams - K La Rue Educational Arts in MotionAnne Marie Williams worked with the Entrepreneurial Center to expand her arts education business

Sometimes the best time to make a change is when things are at their worst. If that statement is true, then performing artist Anne Marie Williams has made it her theme song.
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Susan Nolte—May Cookie Company

Susan Nolte had an idea, but was it a viable business?  That’s the question that brought her to the Entrepreneurial Center. 
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Dotti Cannon—Brown Sugar Catering

Dotti Cannon worked with the Entrepreneurial Center to develop her catering business.

New England winters got Dotti Cannon into cooking. She is not a fan of cold weather, so while her brothers and sisters were out building snowmen and throwing snowballs, she stayed inside helping her mother and grandmother cook.
Full story here