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Give to ENHP

In 2015, the College of ENHP awarded 184 undergraduate and 121 graduate degrees.

Please join us in continuing to develop students in the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions (ENHP) who excel in the classroom and the community.

Your donation, to either the ENHP Institute for Translational Research Fund or the Special Projects Fund, will continue to open doors for ENHP students and faculty members to impact communities through science and pursue learning opportunities in and outside the classroom.

Here are just a few options for directing your gift to ENHP:

  • Institute for Translational Research Fund: This  fund directly benefits scholarship that is truly relevant to our community. It offers a great deal of flexibility in meeting the financial needs of the University-chartered Institute and its subsidiary research centers. It provides crucial seed money for faculty members and students to learn about and engage in translational research and scholarship. In time, as this fund grows and becomes fully endowed, it will provide resources to the institute in perpetuity.
  • ENHP Special Projects Fund: This fund allows us to meet the most critical needs of the college, students, and faculty each year. It is often used to offer faculty development opportunities and make important student-related purchases not covered by the operating budget.

In addition to the above college priorities, the University-managed Anchor Fund helps the central administration to offset the annual operational budget for the college.

Your philanthropy is a reflection of your own passions and interests, and I encourage you to contact me directly for a conversation on how you might play a role in maintaining and advancing ENHP's goal: Excellence through Relevance. If you prefer to make a convenient online donation, please direct your gift to one of the funds above.

Thank you,

Ralph O. Mueller

Professor and Dean
College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions
University of Hartford
West Hartford, CT 06117