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Tuesday, January 27

Due to winter storm conditions, the University is closed today, Tuesday, Jan. 27.  Day and evening classes are canceled. An updated advisory on the status of classes and operations for tomorrow will be posted this evening. During the time that the University is closed, the Commons, Subway, and Village Market will maintain regular hours for residential dining services and the Sports Center will be open for use by residential students only. Gengras Student Union and University Libraries are closed.   snow closing guide

All Hartt Community Division activities are canceled today.

current as of 9:40 a.m., Jan. 27, 2015

Program Learning Outcomes

Integrated Elementary Education/Special Education Program (B.S.)

Candidate Effect on Student learning

Candidates will learn to assess their ability to plan effective instruction based on student outcomes.

Candidates will gauge and reflect on whether they are able to assess student outcomes using pre and post assessment.

Student Teaching

Candidates will gain firsthand experience observing/working in included classrooms and reflect on these experiences. They will be in a K-6 general education classroom for 4 weeks and in a (K-12) special education setting for 10 weeks.

Student Teaching Portfolio

Candidates will learn how to align activities with curriculum objectives, state and national standards.

Candidates will write clear objectives and plan developmentally appropriate lesion plans based on student needs.

Candidates will differentiate instruction and use appropriate scaffolding thereby ensuring that all students can learn.

Candidates will use effective instructional techniques and maintain a positive environment in the classroom.

Candidates will reflect on their performance and its effect on student understanding.

Candidates will work in collaboration with others.

Candidates will learn how to plan a standard-based sequence of instruction using national and state standards.

Candidates will learn how to align assessments with meaningful learning objectives

Candidates will learn how differentiate instruction and make accommodations for students from diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Candidates will understand the importance of reflective practice and will provide strong evidence of their ability to reflect on their practice.

Dena Tompkins

Image of tompkins_dena.jpg

Assistant Director of Special Student Services in Newington is guest lecturer in education practicum course.  more