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Public Health Nursing Curriculum

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree at the University of Hartford is a 34-credit program; 11 courses in all. You will complete 5 core courses, 3 courses particular to your focus in Public Health nursing, and 3 cognate(elective) courses that support your Public Health Focus.

Core Courses [15 credits] Nursing Public Health [10 credits]
NUR 609 Perspective Transformation I 3 NUR 651 Epidemiology 3
NUR 610 Theoretical Perspectives in Nursing 3 NUR 625 Theoretical Basis of Public Health Nursing 3
NUR 619 Nursing Research 3 NUR 661 Practicum/Seminar in Public Health Nursing 4
NUR 621 Advanced Nursing 3
NUR 633 Perspective Transformation II 3
Cognate Options [9 credits] Description
Select a course developed by the Department of Nursing. Enroll in one of many nursing cognate (elective) courses usually offered in the summer sessions that specifically supports your focus area.
Select a course from another graduate discipline at the University of Hartford. Enroll in a counseling, educational technology, business, communication, or psychology course that specifically supports your focus area.
Select a course from within the university consortium. Enroll in a nursing course at one of several area colleges that specifically supports your focus area.
Propose an independent study. Design your own learning experience with input from your advisor.
Create a partnership with a faculty member. Collaborate with one of our faculty around teaching, research or service.

n.b. If this curriculum description and the curriculum description in the official University of Hartford Graduate College Bulletin should differ, the University Bulletin takes precedence. 6.10

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