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Faculty Articles

Archived Faculty Articles

Claudia Oakes


Front page of chapter. "Safety and Support". Chapter in Occupational Therapy Essentials for Clinical Competence, Third Edition  author's profile

Adam Goodworth, Duffy Felmlee, Sandra Saavedra


Front page of article. A Trunk Support System to Identify Posture Control Mechanisms in Populations Lacking Independent Sitting  lead author's profile

Sandra Saavedra


Front page of article. The functional effect of segmental trunk and head control training in moderate-to-severe cerebral palsy: A randomized controlled trial  author's profile

Daniel Lee


Front page of article. The effect of cognitive impairment on prosthesis use in older adults who underwent amputation due to vascular-related etiology: A systematic review of the literature  author's profile

Sandra Saavedra


Front page of article. The Impact of Segmental Trunk Support on Posture and Reaching While Sitting in Healthy Adults  author's profile

Claudia Oakes


Front page of article. Rethinking Safety for Older Adults  author's profile

Sandra Saavedra, Adam Goodworth


Front page of article. Segmental trunk and head dynamics during frontal plane tilt stimuli in healthy sitting adults  lead author's profile

Daniel Lee


Front page of article. Development and acceptability testing of decision trees for self-management of prosthetic socket fit in adults with lower limb amputation  author's profile

Doug Dix


Front page of article. Safeguarding Public Health from Higher Education  author's profile

Sandra Saavedra


Front page of article. Effect of Segmental Trunk Support on Posture and Reaching in Children With Cerebral Palsy  author's profile

Doug Dix


Front page of article. India Rising? the Academic Challenge to Democracy  author's profile

Karla Loya


Front page of article. Exploring the moderating effects of race and ethnicity on the relationship between curricular and classroom experiences and learning outcomes in Engineering  author's profile

Colleen Muñoz


Front page of article. The void in using urine concentration to assess population fluid intake adequacy or hydration status  author's profile

Mary Gannotti


Front page of article. Technology for Children With Brain Injury and Motor Disability: Executive Summary From Research Summit IV  author's profile

Michael Wininger


Front page of article. Formulating Clinical Trials in Prosthetics and Orthotics and Allied Health Fields  author's profile

Karen Duhamel


Front page of article. Identifying barriers to teaching LGBT health  author's profile

Michael Wininger


Front page of article. Common Roadblocks for Biomaterials Metrologists  author's profile

Karen Duhamel


Front page of article. Bringing us back to our creative senses: Fostering creativity in graduate-level nursing education: A literary review  author's profile

Michael Wininger


Front page of article. Filtering for productive activity changes outcomes in step-based monitoring among children   author's profile

Karen Duhamel


Front page of article. Creativity and the Golden Years: Biopsychosocial and Cultural Influences for Living a Successful Life  author's profile

Mary Gannotti


Front page of article. Life Satisfaction, Functional Abilities, Social Roles, Depression, Environmental Barriers, and Health in Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy: An Exploratory Study  author's profile

Kori Stewart


Front page of article. Clinical Decision Support: What Should We Expect?  author's profile

Mary Gannotti


Front page of article. Which Children Are Not Getting Their Needs for Therapy or Mobility Aids Met? Data From the 2009-2010 National Survey of Children With Special Health Care Needs  author's profile

Barbara Crane, Michael Wininger


Front page of article. Orthotic-Style Off-Loading Wheelchair Seat Cushion Reduces Interface Pressure Under Ischial Tuberosities and Sacrococcygeal Regions  lead author's profile

Mary Gannotti


Front page of article. Happiness and well-being: surgical outcomes for families and children with severe cerebral palsy  author's profile

Colleen Muñoz


Front page of article. Hormonal and Thirst Modulated Maintenance of Fluid Balance in Young Women with Different Levels of Habitual Fluid Consumption.  author's profile

Mary Gannotti


Front page of article. Comparative Effectiveness Research and Children With Cerebral Palsy: Identifying a Conceptual Framework and Specifying Measures.  author's profile

Karla Loya


Front page of article. The Influence of Climate on the Academic and Athletic Success of Student-Athletes: Results from a Multi-Institutional National Study  author's profile

Kenny Nienhusser


Front page of article. Incorporating Undocumented/DACAmented Status Competency Into Higher Education Institutional Agents’ Practice.  author's profile

Theresa Abodeeb-Gentile


Front page of article. Translational Research in Education: The Benefits of a Partnership that Examines the Impact of Professional Development on Early-Literacy Outcomes.  author's profile

Renee Greenfield


Front page of article. Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions of Students with Learning Disabilities: Using Mixed Methods to Examine Effectiveness of Special Education Coursework.  author's profile

Mary Gannotti


Front page of article. Which Children are not Getting Their Needs for Therapy or Mobility Aids Met? Data From the 2009-2010 National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs.  author's profile

Paige Bray


Front page of article. Parents as Producers of Enduring Knowledge Through Inquiry.   author's profile

Kenny Nienhusser


Front page of article. Undocumented Students' Experiences With Microaggressions During Their College Choice Process.  author's profile

Karen Breda


Front page of article. International Partnerships for Academic Research and Exchange: Ethical Implications. author's profile

Mary Gannotti


Front page of article. Addressing Muscle Performance Impairments in Cerebral Palsy: Implications for Upper Extremity Resistance Training.  author's profile

Mary Gannotti


Front page of article. Comparative Effectiveness Research and Children with Cerebral Palsy: Identifying a Conceptual Framework and Specifying Measures.  author's profile

Karen Breda


Front page of article. Teaching the Millennial Nursing Student: Using a "Flipping the Classroom" Model.  author's profile

Mary Gannotti


Front page of article. Health Benefits of Seated Speed, Resistance, and Power Training for an Individual with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy: A Case Report.  author's profile

Daniel Lee


Front page of article. Technology and Aging: A Continuing Education Module for the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy.  author's profile

Kenny Nienhusser


Front page of article: Bridging the Gap: Guiding the College Search of Undocumented Students. 
 author's profile

Michael Wininger


Front page of article: A Stopping Rule for Scholastic American football?  author's profile

Douglas Dix


Front page of articleChemical Control of Cancer: The Best Way Forward.  author's profile

Adam Goodworth


Front page of articleEffects of Visual Focus and Gait Speed on Walking Balance in the Frontal Plane.  author's profile

Ralph O. Mueller


Front page of article Factor Analysis and Latent Structure Analysis: Confirmatory Factor Analysis.  author's profile

Diana J. LaRocco


Front page of articleConnecticut’s Educator Evaluation Process: The Concerns and Experiences of Educators in Two Pilot Districts.   author's profile

Karen Breda


Front page of book chapter: State of the Art of Nursing Research in Participatory Action Research.   author's profile

John Tapper


Front page of article: The Impact of Technology-Enhanced Curriculum on Learning Advanced Algebra in US High School Classrooms.  author's profile

Douglas Dix


Front page of article: The Female Health-Survival Advantage: Paradox Unwarranted.  author's profile

Sheetal Sood, Megan Mackey


Front page of article: Examining the Effects of Number Sense Instruction on Mathematics Competence of Kindergarten Students.  lead author's profile


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