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Parent Inquiry Initiative

Welcome to the Parent Inquiry Initiative, known as Parentii. We are parent researchers and University of Hartford researchers working to understand and promote experiences that build parent capacity. Since 2011, we have been looking at the role of information in parents' lives and how we can support parents with young children from birth through age eight be critical consumers of information as well as producers of essential knowledge.

In the first two years of collaboration, the statewide Parent Information Action Research project focused on  understanding parent leadership through research and inquiry opportunities. Hear from us- the parent researchers- why this work matters. 

Parentii focuses on parents as co-producers and our work continues to build sustainable momentum through parent actions, research activity, community dissemination, and learning agreements.  Parent and University researchers are co-constructing knowledge through the use of inquiry tools to drive community-specific actions. We share a commitment to parent capacity building and to the development and sustaining of parent leaders. Engaging in the generative discourse of deliberation keeps us in the work.

Parent Researchers

  • Doreen Abubakar, Parent Researcher in New Haven
    Community Parent Engagement Network in Newhallville
  • Rubis Santos Collado, Parent Researcher in Waterbury
    Taking Action in Waterbury
  • Monica L. Jackson, Parent Researcher in Bridgeport
    Community Messenger
  • Carmen A. James, MA, Parent Researcher in Waterbury
  • Grace Kane, Parent Researcher in Torrington
    Torrington Community Messenger
  • Nilda Paris, Parent Researcher in Bridgeport
    Parents Empowering People (PEP), Parent Leaders, Community Messenger
  • Timeca Peters, Parent Researcher in Hartford and East Hartford
  • Cheryl Petersen, Parent Researcher in Torrington
    Torrington Early Childhood Collaborative
  • Maria Ramos, Parent Researcher in Bridgeport
    Parent Support - People Empowering People, Parents Empowering People (PEP), Community Messenger
  • Karla L. Woodworth, Parent Researcher in Torrington
    Torrington Early Childhood Collaborative, People Empowering People Facilitator, Community Messenger

Institute for Translational Research, University of Hartford

Additional Parent Information Action Research Project Members

  • William Carter, Parent Researcher
    Bridgeport Alliance for Young Children
  • Crystal Hernandez, Parent Researcher
    East Hartford Child Plan Inc.
  • Yury Maciel-Andrews, Parent Researcher
    New Haven Early Childhood Council

This ongoing research is conducted through the Center for Learning and Professional Education in the Institute for Translational Research in the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions at the University of Hartford.