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Faculty Articles


Barbara A. Crane, Michael Wininger

Front page of article: The Effects of Sitting on a Mechanical Lift Sling on Interface Seat Pressure.  lead author's profile


H. Kenny Nienhusser

Front page of article: Undocumented Immigrants and Higher Education Policy: The Policymaking Environment of New York State.  author's profile


John Tapper

First page of article: Exploring How Teacher-Related Factors Relate to Student Achievement in Learning Advanced Algebra in Technology-Enhanced Classrooms.  author's profile


Diana Veneri

First page of article: Determining Important Dosage Parameters to Improve Gait Speed and Distance Using Mechanical Gait Support for Persons with Stroke: A Meta-Analysis.  author's profile


Sandra Saavedra

Front page of article: Trunk Control in Cerebral Palsy: Are We Ready to Address the Elephant in the Room?  author's profile


Sandra Saavedra

Front page of article: The Central Role of Trunk Control in the Gross Motor Function of Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Retrospective Cross-sectional Study.  author's profile


Paige M. Bray and Erin M. Kenney

Front page of article: Parent Leaders Taking the Lead: Capacity Building and Co-Constructed Relevance in Community-Engaged Research.  lead author's profile


Karen I. Case

Front page of article: Community-Based Research in Graduate Education: Implementing Program Decisions Across the Disciplines.  author's profile


Barbara A. Crane

Front page of article: Effect of Tilt and Recline on Ischial and Coccygeal Interface Pressures in People with Spinal Cord Injury.  author's profile


Kevin A. Ball

Front page of article: Kinematics of Primate Midfoot Flexibility.  author's profile


Sheetal Sood, Megan Mackey

Front page of article: Number Sense Instruction: A Comprehensive Literature Review.  lead author's profile


Michael Wininger

Front page of article: Factors Associated with Small Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Expansion Rate.  author's profile



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