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Faculty Articles


Adam Goodworth

Front page of article. Effects of visual focus and gait speed on walking balance in the frontal plane  author's profile


Ralph O. Mueller

Front page of article Factor Analysis and Latent Structure Analysis: Confirmatory Factor Analysis  author's profile


Diana J. LaRocco

Front page of articleConnecticut’s Educator Evaluation Process: The Concerns and Experiences of Educators in Two Pilot Districts 

 author's profile


Karen Lucas Breda

Front page of book chapter: State of the Art of Nursing Research in Participatory Action Research.   author's profile


John Tapper

Front page of article: The Impact of Technology-Enhanced Curriculum on Learning Advanced Algebra in US High School Classrooms.  author's profile


Douglas Dix

Front page of article: The Female Health-Survival Advantage: Paradox Unwarranted.  author's profile


Sheetal Sood, Megan Mackey

Front page of article: Examining the Effects of Number Sense Instruction on Mathematics Competence of Kindergarten Students.  lead author's profile


Douglas Dix

Front page of article: India Rising? The Academic Challenge to Democracy.  author's profile


Barbara A. Crane, Michael Wininger

Front page of article: The Effects of Sitting on a Mechanical Lift Sling on Interface Seat Pressure.  lead author's profile


H. Kenny Nienhusser

Front page of article: Undocumented Immigrants and Higher Education Policy: The Policymaking Environment of New York State.  author's profile


John Tapper

First page of article: Exploring How Teacher-Related Factors Relate to Student Achievement in Learning Advanced Algebra in Technology-Enhanced Classrooms.  author's profile


Diana Veneri

First page of article: Determining Important Dosage Parameters to Improve Gait Speed and Distance Using Mechanical Gait Support for Persons with Stroke: A Meta-Analysis.  author's profile


Sandra Saavedra

Front page of article: Trunk Control in Cerebral Palsy: Are We Ready to Address the Elephant in the Room?  author's profile


Sandra Saavedra

Front page of article: The Central Role of Trunk Control in the Gross Motor Function of Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Retrospective Cross-sectional Study.  author's profile



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