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Hawks Recycle

Our mission is to encourage members of the University of Hartford community to recycle. Hawks Recycle seeks to provide services that are accessible and convenient for students, faculty, and staff. We want to promote a clean campus by eliminating litter, and reducing waste. Our goal is to work together with other departments and student organizations to ensure a healthy environment and campus community. 

The purpose of Hawks Recycle is to raise awareness of the current recycling services on campus and to improve these services. Currently, the recycling services on campus are not being utilized fully because students do not know about them. The first phase of our program is to raise awareness of the recycling services that we do have. We will do this by creating a recycling competition that will raise awareness of our program and teach students about the importance of recycling and how they can recycle on campus. Once students begin showing interest in the recycling initiative we will move onto the second phase of our program: improving the recycling services on campus.

Our biggest goal is to become a redemption center, where students can bring bottles and cans to machines onsite and receive their deposits back. Plans are already in the works to bring these machines to campus. We hope that this would encourage students to recycle and result in an increase in recycling across the student population.

We will also work to increase accessibility to recycling services by adding more single stream dumpsters and recycling rooms on the residential side of campus. Finally, we will inspire better recycling practices throughout the university by encouraging academic departments to participate in our recycling initiative and plan to reach out to campus dining services to explore the possibility of composting food waste from dining halls. All of this will help our effort to reduce waste at the University of Hartford.

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Hawks Recycle