Faculty Donor Spotlight: Adam Chiara
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Faculty Spotlight: Adam Chiara

"When I make a gift, I think of the students who inspire me at the University of Hartford."

Adam ChiaraAdam Chiara is an applied assistant professor of communication who joined the University of Hartford as an adjunct professor in 2014, then became an assistant professor in 2016. In the classroom, he witnesses the great things students accomplish every day and knows that giving back is vital to student success.

You recently made a gift to the University of Hartford—what inspired you to make that gift?

When I make a gift, I think of students who inspire me at the University of Hartford. I imagine that I'm handing them that check directly, and I think about how it must make them feel to know someone believes in them—that someone is willing to invest in them. It must be a wonderful feeling, and I want to help them experience it.

What are your top three favorite things about the University?

1. Diversity: In any class I teach, I know I am guaranteed diversity in it. Whether it's racial, geographical, socioeconomic, you name it—I know that class is going to have it all. And a diverse class leads to a richer experience for the students and for me.
2. My colleagues: "You are the company you keep." That's why I am so blessed that I am surrounded by some of the brightest minds, most caring individuals, and most passionate people you'll ever meet.
3. Location, location, location: UHart has the best of both worlds. It's located in a scenic suburb, but is just a few minutes away from a historic, industry-dense city.

Adam Chiara classroomWhat is one thing you wish other people knew about the University of Hartford?

The University puts an emphasis on forging professor-student relationships. UHart is more than just "small classroom sizes." It's a place where your professors become mentors—inside and outside the classroom.

Why is it important for you to support the University?

There is an old saying, "You vote with your wallet." I believe in the University of Hartford's mission, and I have seen firsthand the impact it can have on someone. I want to support UHart, because every time I do, it sends a message that this institution is important to society and to people's lives.

What is your favorite part of working at the University?

Every time I teach a class, I know something I say or do may be a lesson that lasts with a student forever (no pressure). That is a tremendous gift I've been trusted with, and it gives me great joy that I can do it at the University of Hartford.

More about Adam:

Adam attended Central Connecticut State University and later earned his master's at Quinnipiac University. He taught at Central Connecticut State University and Middlesex Community College prior to joining the University of Hartford faculty. He specializes in public relations, digital communications, and in social media. He is also a contributor for The Hill, where he writes about social media's impact on politics. Outside of work, he enjoys politics, football, and martial arts.

Adam Chiara, classroom

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