Staff Donor Spotlight: Julie Spring
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Staff Spotlight: Julie Spring

"In supporting the University of Hartford, I am supporting a growing institution, a possible dream come true for a student, and a place I have called my 'home away from home' for 14 years."

Julie SpringIn her role as Director of Collegiate Student Services in the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA), Julie Spring is committed to helping students succeed every day. Julie has the privilege to connect with students throughout their UHart journey—a priviliege which inspires her to give back so she can help their dreams come true.

You recently made a gift to the University of Hartford—what inspired you to make that gift?

The choice to make a gift to Hartford is an easy one—in each of my roles at the University of Hartford, I have had the opportunity to work with students, be it prospective or current students. To see the desire in those students to attend or continue at Hartford and have the facilities, supplies, or assistance to do so is heartwarming and if I can contribute, even just a bit, it is a yes every time!

Why is it important for you to support the University?

Supporting higher education in general is so important; everyone deserves the choice to determine if higher education is the path for them. In supporting the University of Hartford, I am supporting a growing institution, a possible dream come true for a student, and a place I have called my "home away from home" for 14 years.

What are your top three favorite things about the University?

1. The size. The University of Hartford is the perfect fit for the students who need us most. We are able to provide vast opportunities within a small and personal setting.
2. Our commitment to student services. From the student service offices within the schools and colleges to the Center for Student Success and more, the University of Hartford strives to prioritize students and I am so happy to be a part of that mission every day.
3. The campus layout. The separation of the academic and residential side of campus is a wonderful set-up for students and visitors alike: to showcase our campus to prospective families as "work" versus "home" sides; and for students to transition from high school to college, the academic center and the social center of campus (for residential and commuter students) provides a supportive and healthy environment for them to achieve and succeed. 

What is one thing you wish other people knew about the University of Hartford?

The one thing I wish others knew about the University of Hartford is the ability for students to connect. Our seven schools and colleges within one university make us so unique. Students have the chance to connect academically and socially within their fields and disciplines, but more importantly, out of their given area of study. This ability to diversify and gain experiences beyond the scoop of the classroom is what will make them well-rounded by the end of their time with us at UHart.

What is your favorite part of working at the University?

Scavenger HuntFor me, the best part of working at the University of Hartford is the connection to the students and the opportunity to watch them flourish. In my role, I have the unique experience to work with them as prospective students when they are researching the University and, if they select the University of Hartford, to follow them through their first year. Being a witness to both the struggles and triumphs within the journey from prospective to current student and assisting them along the way is so gratifying and I am fortunate to do so each day.

What is your favorite UHart tradition or event?

I have two favorite traditions:
1. The painting of the anchor at the campus’ entrance. To see students gather and show representation of themselves as you enter the property is just so fun.
2. The utilizing of Red Caps and/or Red Keys as greeters for various campus events. The enthusiasm they display to prospective and incoming students is contagious—if cheering students greeted us all each day as we entered campus for work, I think all of our days would be that much brighter.

More about Julie:

Julie earned her bachelor's degree in communications from Western Connecticut State University. She first joined the University of Hartford in August 2003 in the Office of Admission and Student Financial Assistance as an Assistant Director of Admissions & Student Financial Assistance. She later became the Senior Assistant Director of Admission & Student Financial Assistance, then in September of 2014, joined CETA for her current role as Director of Collegiate Student Services. When not helping students succeed on campus, she loves to attend her niece's and nephews' events, watch basketball, go to the gym with friends, or get out to see a great movie or show.

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