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Looking to the Future: The Founders’ Planned Giving Society

The Founders’ Society is an honorary legacy association made up of forward-thinking alumni and friends who have included the University of Hartford in their estate or life-income gift plans. In welcoming the University into their families, they are recognized as some of our most loyal community members. To best preserve their legacy, we offer a few simple ways to honor our members and to say thank you. Each new inductee will receive a welcome letter of thanks, a recognition gift, special mailings, and yearly invitations to exclusive events. Our Founders’ community can further expect a concierge level of service from the Office of Planned Giving.

Careful gift planning offers an opportunity to make an endowed gift that will continue to serve the University for generations to come. Regardless of the method or the amount, we are deeply grateful to each and every member of the Founders’ Society and are especially appreciative of their thoughtful commitment to the future financial well-being of the University of Hartford.

Please let us know what charitable gift arrangements you may have already made for the University by filling out the recognition plan form. For more information on how to best plan a gift, please contact Lauren C. Parda, director of planned giving, at or 860.768.2415 for a confidential consultation.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Founders’ Planned Giving Society!


Anonymous (17)
Arlyne Alexander
Susan Anwander
Herbert Ascherman Jr. '70, M '71
Peter B. Atherton '73
Mary L. Babbitt ‘72
Ninette Babineau '55
Sharon Bailey
Carolann Walach Baldyga '64 and Theodore G. Baldyga
Mildred L. Ballard
Andrea J. Banks A’63
Debra L. Banks '72, M '76
Ronald F. Barisano '74
William H. Beckham '57
Lisa Belanger-Buoniconti M '01
Sherry B. and Richard B. Belkin '56
Arleen A. Belval ’75, M’96
Frances Blumenthal '60, '62
Robert Bocwinski M '72
Kathy A. and Keith J. Boi '75
Lori Poggi Bourret ’81
Mya T. Bowen '00, M '02, M '05, EdD '13
Elfriede Briel
Adrianne Der Sarkissian Brown '67
Stillman B. Brown Hon. '90
Harold C. Buckingham Jr.
Miriam B. Butterworth
Lisa C. Calvocoressi
Thomas J. Calvocoressi '74, M '76
Richard J. Cardin '62
Marvin Carley
John E. Church '51
William T. Clew '52
Virginia W. Condon A '75, '83, and Charles P. Condon
Mary Jane Converse '49
Barbara E. Cooke M '96
Elizabeth G. Cooper
David Crespan BS '65
Harriet M. Cutler M '69
delMonte V. Davis ’77
William Deakyne '61
Beverly J. den Ouden '77, '93, and Bernard den Ouden
Marleen Podorowsky Denney M '76
Michael J. Dirrigl '59, M '65
Gladys B. Dunn M '60 and Robert E. Dunn
Clara Espiefs '66
Nina Paranov Fagan
Frances M. and Philip D. Feltman
John Fiske
Robert A. Flaxman '53
Robert H. Forrester '66
Lee A. Gagnon M '77
Robert J. Garcia A '66, '70
Margery P.  Gardow
Carol Stern Gendel '67
Irving Gilston
Antony Giunta
Helen Daley Giunta ’76, ’79,
   and Joseph A. Giunta
Joy I. Glassman M '74 and Sidney B. Glassman
Linda S. Goldberg ’71
David H. Goldenberg A '73, '76, M '76
Robert B. Goldfarb
Elliott S. Goldstein '67
Allyn L. Golub '62
Thomas C. Greaser Jr. '71
Arnold C. Greenberg
William M. Griffin A '49
Eunice P. and Joseph S. Grover
Nancy C. Hajek A '75, '77
Eleanor J. Hamm '47
Mort Handel Hon. '02 and Irma Handel
Raymond Hanson P '82
Walter L. Harrison and Dianne Harrison
Rosemary J. and Milton R. Hathaway '63
Leila T. Hawken M '89
John A. Howe M '76
Carol B. Hunt
Perry Daniels Huntington A’71, ‘73 and Gregory Huntington
Nancy C. and Francis X. Hursey A '73, '77
Jane P. Hurwitz A '64, '66,
   and Franklin J. Hurwitz '62
Debra M. Javit HCW A '83
Annie Garcia Kaplan '79, M '81, EdD '97, and Ben D. Kaplan '79, M '80
Norman C. Kayser
Douglas J. Keeler '65, MEd '66
A. Walter Kendra
Ann Foxen Kenny
Lucille G. Killiany M '60, CAGS '65
Roger R. Klene M '90
David L. Kuperman B ‘71
Gretchen W. LaBau
Kenneth C. Lamson A '59, '63
Luella Daniels Landis '66, M '70,
   and George E. Landis '66
Christopher Larsen
Barry N. Lastra
Lee Ann C. Leahy '84 and Michael J. Leahy
William A. Lindberg M '81
Kay Smith Long M '75, 6th-Yr Cert '79
Worth Loomis
Cathy Lord '78
Amy Lord Harkey
Diane C. MacDonald
Jan-Gee and Paul E. McCollam M '74
Susan G. and Kent B. McCray Hon. '07
Dr. Raymond McGivney Sr. P '88, '89, '91, '93
William A. McGrath III '79, M '86
Patricia A. McKinley HCW A '72
Hannah J. McLennan
Bobbi McNeil '94
Robert A. McWaid
Timothy E. Michaels ‘71
Judith A. and Eugene R. Michaud '60
Suzanne Ogorzalek Mitoraj '67
John J. Muirhead Jr. '68
Frank C. Mullett '78
George Neisloss
Jon O. Newman Hon. '75
Sharon L. Oliva and Paul J. Oliva '76
Gary Olson A '51, '53
Maria T. Orefice '72 and David Lundberg
Donald W. Osborne
Stephanie Kass Pious '80
   and Charles D. Pious '80
Eric Pizzoferrato ’94
Sharon L. Pope
Mrs. Millard H. Pryor Jr. '84
Thomas E. Reich
Belle K. Ribicoff
Arline Dobin Robbins M '70
Edward A. Rogers M '77
Bernard H. Rosen '61, M '66
Regina Tyszka Rudewicz A '58
   and Alexander Rudewicz A '58, '61
Gladys J. Sandusky '71
Peter K. Schauer '71
David A. Schupp '63
Carolyn Robbins Siegel HCW A '68
Linda Fisher Silpe M '65
Joan Fink Sittard A '81, '83,
   and Paul A. Sittard '85
Steven M. Slome '77
Jennifer Smith Turner
Ruth Solomkin
Margery S. and Lewis J. Steinberg
Peter N. Stevens
Kate Farrow Stoddard A '72
Rachel Eichelman Tannenbaum '64, M '68,
   and Samuel V. Tannenbaum
Joseph S. Terzo '77, M '82
Millard S. Thomson '48, M '49
Stephen Joel Trachtenberg Hon. '89
Rev. Ms. Denise D. Tracy '72
Robert P. Tucker
Jean-Pierre and Marie-Claire van Rooy
Joseph and Cathleen Voelker
Hedda Windisch von Goeben '66
Robert B. Wallace
Frances A. Epstein Waltman
Linda J. Webber M '67
Susan M. Weber '76
Anna M. Webersen
Leslie Ann Weinberg HCW A '73
S. Edward Weinswig
M. Katherine Welles Snyder
Janet R. Wells
Nancy Miller Wells HCW A '64, M '76, P '90, '92, and Stanley T. Wells P '90, '92
Penelope A. and John A. T. Wilson
Gale and David Yates P '99
Robert Yeaton and
   Kathleen O'Donnell Yeaton '74, M '77


Robert P. Balgley*
Theodore Biskupiak
John L. Cannon*
Geoffrey Crofts
Donald K. Deitch*
Pamela D. Frazier*
Ruth Herrup*
Lucy E. and Seth Holcombe
Audrey Manter
Gretchen D. McCombs*
Frances C. Novar*
Nancye B. Perry
*Member of the Founders’ Planned Giving Society