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Parking Advisory

With forecast heavy rains for Saturday and the potential for both river and flash flooding, students are asked to avoid parking in low-lying areas of parking lots C, D, E (along the tree line), F (eastern most entrance by the pond), and N-Annex. Cars should now be on higher ground within these lots or in Lot F (by Konover Campus Center). Vehicles should be returned to their assigned parking lots by 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 21.



Studio Credits: 77-80

Foundation: 20 Credits

FWS 110 2D I Black & White2.5
FWS 111 2D II Color2.5
FWS 112 Drawing I2.5
FWS 113 Drawing II2.5
FWS 114 Issues in ArtMaking I2.5
FWS 115 Issues in ArtMaking II2.5
FWS 116 3D I 2.5
FWS 117 3D II2.5

Sophomore Distribution: 12 Credits

DWG/PTG or DES 3.0
MDA or VDO or PHO3.0
ILS or GRA 3.0

Major Requirements: 30 Credits

SCL 220 Intro Sculpture3.0
SCL 230 Contemporary Art Practices3.0
SCL 3 Intermediate Sculpture 3.0
SCL 3 Intermediate Sculpture 3.0
SCL 3 Intermediate Sculpture 3.0
SCL 3 Intermediate Sculpture 3.0
SCL 440 Advanced Sculpture I3.0
SCL 441 Advanced Sculpture II 3.0
SCL 470 Directed Projects3.0

Cognate Requirements

Cognate Requirements3.0

Studio Electives: 15 Credits
Studio Total: 77 Credits

Academic Requirements/ Free Electives

Academic Writings: 6 Credits

WRT 110 Academic Writings I 3.0
WRT 111 Academic Writings II 3.0

Art History: 12 Credits

ART 210, or 211, or 215 or 2163.0
ART 210, or 211, or 215 or 216 3.0
ART (Elective)3.0
ART (Elective)3.0

All University Curriculum: 12-13 Credits

AUCC Other Cultures3.0
AUCS Social Science3.0
AUCT Science/Technology 4.0
AUCW Western Heritage3.0

Mathematics: 3 Credits

M 110 or 112 or 114 or 116 3.0

Academic Electives: 9 Credits
Free Electives: 3 Credits
Free Elective may be either academic or studio course
Academic Total: 45-46 Credits

Grand Total: 122-123