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Reading Room: Urgent Pedagogy

Reading Room: Urgent Pedagogy

An exhibition as learning space, dedicated to equity and social justice through art, design, and education.We invite you to join in, participate, and be in the space from March 4 - 17th.

Reading Room: Urgent Pedagogies is a space for students to gather to reconsider our assumptions about school, the classroom itself, and spaces of (un)learning. Come to the Silpe Gallery to talk about what is working, and what is not working, at school, and how this connects to larger issues in our society. This is a space made by students and artists where we can hang out, eat, play games, look at art, read together, and talk about the issues that are urgent. We invite you to join in, participate, and be in the space from March 4 - 17th.


Event Overview

Tuesday, March 5

12–1 p.m. Fireside Chat, Frank Mitchell, Director of Amistad Center for Art & Culture


2:304:30 p.m. Collecting Park River Stories: Access, Nature and the Commons


2:306 p.m. The Free Black Women’s Library Opening and Book Swap!


56 p.m. Radical Archives & Libraries: Social Art & Public Praxis

Wednesday, March 6

122 p.m. Welcome Wednesdays, A weekly event hosted by the President’s Committee on DEI


2:304:30 p.m. BiCi Co. and Transport Hartford Teach-in, Led by Tony Cherolis, Transport Hartford Coordinator of Center for Latino Progress.


7:309:30 p.m. Decolonizing Self Care: The Afro Mystic & Her Arts, with artist Azua Echevarria



Thursday, March 7

121 p.m. Fireside Chat, Cat Balco, Associate Professor of Painting, Hartford Art School



Friday, March 8

24 p.m. Umbrellas for Peace, Women for Change, an on-campus organization concerned with social justice and activism

Monday, March 11

24:30 p.m. Approaches to Retooling Critique, Judith Leemann and Alexander Sebastianus Hartanto www.retoolingcritique.com



Tuesday, March 12

6:307:30 p.m. Folkdance Mixtape, Led by Rebecca Pappas & Eileen Levinson



Wednesday, March 13

11:4512:45 p.m. UHart Land Acknowledgement Working Group, Facilitated by FLC on Diversity Group.


7:309:30 p.m. Unmaking Queerness (lovepiece engagement 1), Arien Wilkerson is the director of Tnmot Aztro Performance Art and Dance Installation LLC



Thursday, March 14

12:15–1:30 p.m. Critical Performance Pedagogy: Critical Consciousness, Radical Healing, and Dialogics, Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales, professor in the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University.


4:307:20 p.m. Lydia Moyer Film Screening


Contributions include

UHart Classes & Organizations

Academic Writing I, College of Arts and Sciences, instructor Susan Reid

Advanced Sculpture II, Hartford Art School, instructor Caroline Woolard

American Institute of Architecture Students Freedom by Design Program at UHart

Architectural Design I, College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture, instructor Julie Chen

Artforms: Classroom as Playground, Hartford Art School, instructors Caroline Woolard and Amanda Carlson

Arts in Healthcare, Hartford Art School, instructor Cat Balco

Aspects of Art, Hartford Art School, instructor Mari Skarp

Communications Independent Study, College of Arts and Sciences, Instructor Susan Cardillo

English Composition, Hillyer College, instructor Michele Troy

Finite Mathematics, Hillyer College, instructor Geillan Dahab Aly

Hunger: Problems of Scarcity and Choice, University Interdisciplinary Studies,  instructor Susan Reid

Foundation 2D Studio II, Hartford Art School, instructor Marisa Williamson

Foundation Drawing II, Hartford Art School, instructor Susan Bogle Finnegan

Foundation 3D Studio II, Hartford Art School, instructor Caroline Woolard

Foundation 3D Studio II, Hartford Art School, instructor Gene Gort

Foundation 4D Studio II, Hartford Art School, instructor Marisa Williamson

Humanities Honors Seminar, Hillyer College, instructor Leslie Johnson

Intro to Communication, Hillyer College, instructor Rebecca Townsend

Nomad/9 Interdisciplinary MFA program

Photography Juniors & Seniors, Hartford Art School, instructor Michael Vahrenwald

Residential Life for Community Development

Systems of Oppression: Our Binary Code, University Interdisciplinary Studies, instructors Mala Matacin and Kristin Comeforo

Unmaking Art, Unmaking Self: Women of Color Feminist Art & Visual Culture, Hartford Art School, instructor Billie Lee

Intro to Lit; World Lit; and Mapping Caribbean Identities, College of Arts and Sciences, instructor Ines Rivera

President's Commission for Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Women for Change


Arts in Education: Models for Engagement, Trinity College, instructor Rebecca Pappas


Invited Artists and Speakers
Alexander Sebastianus Hartanto

Allyson Tintiango-Cubales

Arien Wilkerson

Azua Echevarria

Cat Balco

Frank Mitchell

Judith Leemann

Lydia Moyer

OlaRonke Akinmowo, The Free Black Women’s Library

Rebecca Pappas & Eileen Levinson

Tony Cherolis


Additional resources contributed by:

Antiracist Classroom

Asian American Feminist Collective


Ernesto Pujol

Frank Leon Roberts

Nia King

Olivia Stephens, Utē Petit, Chantal Feitosa, Eloise Sherrid, and the student organizers of Black Artists and Designers (B.A.A.D.) at RISD

Page Morgan and Tim Russotti

Radical Indigenous Survivance and Empowerment (R.I.S.E.)

Soul Fire Farm

The Asian American Literary Review

The Institute for American Indian Studies Museum & Research Center

Woody Doane

And many others.

Special thanks to

The Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation, the Provost’s Office, Office of Multicultural Programs, Jackie McLean Fellowship, Jesle Paragone, Andy Wollner and the Visual Communications Department, Tom Prutisto, and to all those who played a part in this collaborative endeavor.


Design Team: Carl Straw, Alyssa Petrancosta, Julia Scott


Organized by Billie Lee, Carol Padberg, Rico Reyes, Marisa Williamson, and Caroline Woolard.

Supported by The Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation and The Hartford Art School Faculty Development Grant.