Mission & Vision
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Mission & Vision


The Hartt School provides preprofessional training in the performing arts characterized by artistic and academic rigor, individualized attention, mentorship, peer support, and a synthesis of tradition and innovation leading to life-long service to and advocacy for the arts.


We believe in an education that:

  • Promotes a contextual understanding of the arts from historical, cultural, and theoretical perspectives
  • Is rich in performance and collaboration opportunities within The Hartt School, University, community, and professional world
  • Cultivates broadly educated individuals and performing artists of vision, depth, and confidence through unique opportunities available throughout the University
  • Is connected with the professional world and the evolution of the field
  • Fosters and develops teaching excellence, which equips and inspires future teachers to positively impact the field
  • Underscores the essential role of the arts in enriching society and the human experience

Vision 2018

Vision 2018 describes our future and sets priorities that will support its realization. This vision is built upon our shared commitment to demonstrating and nurturing excellence in the classroom, studio, on the stage, and in our operations; providing choice of learning opportunities that stimulate broadly educated individuals; and integrating collaboration throughout the school.

This statement was refined with thoughtful input from dozens of faculty, staff, and board members during the fall of 2013. It aligns with the recently shared draft of the University’s Strategic Plan, which sets out to reexamine the basic curricular foundation, integrate interdisciplinary and career-readiness elements, and develop a set of distinctive University of Hartford educational outcomes. Also, our vision resonates with the University brand in emphasizing the concepts of support and challenge as keys to student success.


The Hartt School will graduate versatile and adaptable artists who excel within and beyond their disciplines of music, dance, or theatre. Hartt will have an innovative curriculum, learning environment, and operational structure that reflect the collaborative nature of the performing arts today and our interconnected world.

At The Hartt School in 2018, musicians, dancers and actors will be educated and nurtured by a world-class faculty, a unique and evolving curriculum, and broad artistic, academic and field-based learning opportunities. These opportunities will be found with partners across the University of Hartford, the Greater Hartford community, and the professional arts community at large. As they are combined, these components push students to new levels of skill and artistry and their full potential as creative individuals. This includes being able to work effectively with people across styles, disciplines and technologies.

At The Hartt School in 2018, fostering a student-centric environment will be our priority. Our focus will be to provide expert mentoring and supportive academic and professional guidance as students find their unique paths to success through our rigorous curriculum. We will care that students turn the core skills we teach, and the diverse learning experiences we provide, into their own creative and masterful expressions that serve their communities, whether it is as teacher in the classroom, engineers in the studio, as composers or performers on the stage or as arts administrators. Our engagement with the professional world as a laboratory for students to develop their personal visions will continue to be a key strength.

At The Hartt School in 2018, another key strength will be the environment we create to prepare, support and promote student-led and faculty-guided collaborations. In addition to skill-building and technical mastery as the necessary foundation for success, we believe that developing our students’ ability to work across different areas in a creative process is essential to their success. Collaboration develops resilience, open- mindedness and career-readiness that will strengthen the individual student/artist, and prepare them to make unique artistic contributions throughout their careers.

We will see our students embrace, as well as expand, traditions, playing essential roles in defining what will be next. A Hartt education will continue to be strengthened by the liberal arts curriculum of the University, the urban and suburban classroom that is the Greater Hartford region, and the strong arts corridor between Boston and New York. Our students deserve full access to these opportunities.

We will realize Vision 2018 by the fall of 2018, and, in so doing, The Hartt School will significantly expand its reputation as a leading performing arts school, align with and contribute to the success of the University at large and better meet the changing needs of the performing arts professions. Hartt graduates will be known for their distinctive ability to work at high levels across genres and disciplines in ways that position them for success in art-making and in the marketplace. At the same time, the School will remain a prime educational and cultural destination in the Greater Hartford region for our community to engage with and in the arts.