The Hartt School Staff
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The Hartt School Staff

Administration & Staff


Betsy Cooper 
Phone: 860.768.5236

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Priscilla Mulvaney
Phone: 860.768.4468

Associate Dean for Administration and Finance

David C. Bell
Phone: 860.768.4073
Fax: 860.768.4441

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Robert Davis
Phone: 860.768.2470

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Donna Menhart
Phone: 860.768.4530

Director of Graduate Studies

Robert Barefield

Manager of Student Services and Evaluation

Lynn Wronker
Phone: 860.768.4458
Fax: 860.768.4441

Academic Advisor

Barbara Johnson
Phone: 860.768.5977
Fax: 860.768.4441

Director of Admissions

Megan Abernathy
Phone: 860.768.4115 
Fax: 860.768.4441

Assistant Director of Admissions

Neal Humphreys
Phone: 860.768.4148 
Fax: 860.768.4441

Performing Arts Technology Manager

Lief Ellis
Phone: 860.768.5501
Fax: 860.768.4441

Hartt Facilities Manager

Leonard Bretton
Phone: 860.768.4584
Fax: 860.768.4441

Performance Librarian

Walter Gibson
Phone: 860.768.4464
Fax: 860.768.4441

Public Relations Manager

Ashley Fedigan
Phone: 860.768.4466
Fax: 860.768.4441

Events and Constituency Relations Coordinator

Liz Reynolds
Phone: 860-768-4473

Instrumental Studies Division

Division Director

David Westfall 
Phone: 860.768.4430 


Karen Peters
Phone: 860.768.4461

Large Ensembles Program Director 

Glen Adsit


Performance 20/20 Co-Chairs

Haim Avitsur

Ayako Oshima

Strings Program Chair

Robert Black


Keyboards Program Chair

Maggie Francis


Guitar & Harp Program Chair 

Christopher Ladd

Chamber Music Program Chair

Rita Porfiris


Chamber Music Associate Program Chair

Janet Arms


Chamber Music Associate Program Chair 

Emlyn Ngai

Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion Program Chair

Ben Toth


Vocal Studies Division

Division Director
Undergraduate Opera Program Chair

Doris Lang Kosloff


Barbara Porter
Phone: 860.768.4469

Jackie McLean Institute of Jazz

Division Director

Javon Jackson
Phone: 860.768.5797


Schauntice Marshall
Phone: 860.768.5791

Academic and Contemporary Studies Division

Division Co-Director

Patrick Miller
Phone: 860.768.4120

Division Co-Director

Kenneth Steen
Phone: 860.768.4122


Natalie Wing
Phone: 860.768.4447

Composition Chair

Robert Carl
Phone: 860.768.4122 

Music History Chair

Kenneth Nott
Phone: 860.768.4895

Interim Music and Performing Arts Management Chair

Gabe Herman
Phone: 860.768.4957

Music Production and Technology Chair

Justin Kurtz

Music Theory Chair

Patrick Miller
Phone: 860.768.4120

Studio D Director

Kenneth Steen 
Phone: 860.768.4122

Music Education Division

Division Director
Graduate Music Education Programs Chair

Joshua Russell
Phone: 860.768.4127


Ann Brown
Phone: 860.768.4479

Undergraduate Music Education Programs Chair
Hartt Summerterm Director

Warren Haston
Phone: 860.768.5526

Music Education Student Placement Coordinator
Vanessa Bond

Theatre Division

Division Director

Alan Rust
Phone: 860.768.2461


Christopher (Kit) Webb
Phone: 860.768.2462
Fax: 860.768.2483

Dance Division

Division Director

Stephen Pier
Phone: 860.768.2477

Dance Division Administrator

Amy Manfredi
Phone: 860.768.2478
Fax: 860.768.2485

Community Division

Division Director

Noah Blocker-Glynn
Phone: 860.768.5546