Jazz Audition Requirements
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Jazz Requirements

All students auditioning on a jazz instrument or voice are required to prepare the following repertoire. All students should bring 3 copies of their lead sheets in the proper key.

All jazz auditions are heard with a rhythm section comprised of advanced jazz students. This is to allow the audition panel the opportunity to observe the applicant's ability to interact and respond musically in a live performance environment. 

Saxophone (Alto, Tenor, and Baritone), Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, and Piano applicants

• Demonstrate the ability to improvise over the following forms:

  • 12 bar blues (concert F and Bb)

  • "Rhythm" changes (concert Bb)

  • Song from the standard literature, i.e.: "Body and Soul", "All the Things You Are", etc.

• All jazz instrumentalists should be prepared to demonstrate the following technical skills:

  • Scales: major, minor, whole-tone, chromatic

  • Playing or arpeggiating chords: Maj. 7/Dom. 7/Min. 7/halfdim./full dim./ also adding upper partials: 9th/llth/13th

  • Sight-reading may be included.

  • Acoustic and Electric Bass: play the melody of a standard song in addition to improvising on form.

Note: If your instrument requires amplification, please bring your own practice amplifier.

Jazz Percussion applicants

• Be prepared to demonstrate any of the twenty-six standard rudiments with sticks and with brushes.

• Prepare one snare drum solo of choice (i.e. Wilcoxon, Cirone)

• Perform the following on drum set:

  • Shuffle feel

  • Swing feel (slow, medium, fast tempos)

  • Ballad feel with brushes

  • Latin feel of the student's choice

• Demonstrate ability to improvise a solo over the following forms:

  • 12-bar blues

  • Song from standard literature, i.e.: "Autumn Leaves", "I'll Remember April", "All the Things You Are", etc.

  • Optional: Play a transcribed solo by any of the classic jazz drummers (i.e. Roach, Blakey)

Jazz Voice applicants

• Students must demonstrate interpretive ability of American standard songs of contrasting styles:

  • One ballad

  • One medium swing

  • One latin/bossa nova

• Suggested vocal improvisation is over 12-bar blues.

Students are required to bring 3 copies of their lead sheets in the proper key.

The division is looking for general theory knowledge and musicianship skills in all who audition. Students should exhibit the potential to obtain a professional level of vocal jazz performance. 

If you have additional questions, please contact JMI coordinator Schauntice Marshall, smarshall@hartford.edu.