Vocal Audition Requirements
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Vocal Audition Requirements


Undergraduate Requirements
  • Prepare three selections from the standard classical vocal literature: art song, oratorio, or opera.

  • At least one selection should be in a foreign language.

  • All vocal auditions should be performed from memory.

After completion of your prepared voice audition, you will be asked to perform a brief sight-singing exercise. You may accomplish this with any system you choose (solfege, a neutral syllable, or numbers). This brief exercise will evaluate your ability to read simple, unaccompanied melodic lines and basic rhythmic patterns. You are encouraged to practice these skills prior to the audition.

Master of Music & Graduate Professional Diploma

Applicants must prepare five (5) selections encompassing four (4) languages and three (3) stylistic periods. At least three (3) selections should be from recital song repertoire.

  • Italian and English must be presented.

  • An operatic or oratorio aria should be included as part of the audition repertoire.

Doctor of Musical Arts & Artist Diploma

All applicants must prepare a full-length recital (approximately 45 minutes of music), incorporating songs and/or concert arias from at least three (3) stylistic periods in at least four (4) languages.

  • The audition should include an opera aria and an oratorio aria.

  • Italian, French, German, and English must be presented.

  • Complete translations and program notes should be provided (5 copies). The committee will select from each grouping on the recital program and the arias.

Note: An accompanist is provided free of charge for all voice auditions. All music should be laid out so that the accompanist does not experience difficulty in handling the material. Individual sheets should be arranged back-to-back in a loose-leaf notebook, however original sheet music is preferred.