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  • At Hartt
  • Gerard Schwarz Masterclass

    Renowned American conductor and former music director of the Seattle Symphony, Gerard Schwarz, led an enthusiastic and powerful masterclass for The Hartt School Orchestra.

  • Mentorship at The Hartt School
  • Foot in the Door Goes to Iceland
  • Phil Snedecor Brass Chats Interview
  • Orpheus in the Underworld

    Saturday January 30th 2016 performance at The Hartt School, Millard Auditorium.

  • Mihai Tetel - Popper Etudes 1-20

    A Practice Guide

  • Mihai Tetel - Popper Etudes 1-20

    A Practice Guide


Strong musical training and versatility are needed to make a career as a performer. As an instrumentalist, you receive training in performance, pedagogy, and career development. Solo, chamber, and large-ensemble opportunities provide experience in standard repertoire and new works. We also offer many opportunities to perform in collaborative environments, such as playing in the pit orchestras for an opera, dance concert, or musical theatre production. Performance master classes and the opportunity to work with renowned guest composers and conductors enrich your educational experience and professional network. Upon graduation, you are fully prepared to market yourself as an instrumentalist, audition for professional ensembles, and negotiate your contract. Our pedagogy training also allows you to begin your private studio at the same time.

Our diverse faculty contribute greatly to your student experience, not just by what they teach in the studio or rehearsal room, but by what they do outside of Hartt. The instrumental faculty members are all working musicians who perform with orchestras, chamber ensembles, Broadway shows, service bands, pickup groups, and as soloists and studio musicians. Their repertoire is as varied as the ensembles in which they perform it.


Growth in technique and musicianship, guided by distinguished faculty, is the focus of vocal study at Hartt. Our rich undergraduate course of study includes private voice lessons, coachings, vocal pedagogy, language and diction study, opera stagecraft, and our stimulating core music curriculum.


Hartt’s vocal program features an eight-semester, integrated, curricular sequence of opera training that is rare among undergraduate programs. Our vocal performance majors have the yearly opportunity to sing in complete opera productions chosen specifically for the developing undergraduate voice. Productions are designed so that, in performing a variety of operatic repertoire, you have the educational experience of preparing a role, learning stagecraft, and working with professional stage directors and production staff.


Our Undergraduate Recital Series (URS) includes four concerts per year in which every first-year and sophomore vocal performance major appears in one recital and every junior and senior vocal performance major appears in two recitals. The URS is an outgrowth of the vocal seminar classes in which students concentrate on the performance of art song repertoire. Seminars focus on interpretation, stage presence, and communication, as well as musicianship and language skills.

The Jackie McLean Jazz Studies Division

Jackie McLean was a man of high principles and uncompromising love for the American art form known as jazz. As an icon of the idiom, McLean passed on this legacy and passion as the founder of the Jazz Studies program at the University of Hartford. Our jazz faculty further embody that distinctive origin through a curriculum that provides the essential knowledge and skills necessary for a career in music. With thorough study and analysis of the jazz tradition, you can develop your own creative voice. Hartt students perform both on and off campus and have opportunities to interact with internationally recognized jazz musicians in our Visiting Artist Series.