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Piano Performance

Bachelor of music

The Piano Performance program at The Hartt School is a well-rounded, comprehensive course of study designed to prepare students for many possible career opportunities.  Along with the traditional music offerings and intense private lessons, this program includes a strong piano pedagogy component as well as experience in accompanying.  In the pedagogy segment, students are exposed to many diverse facets of teaching, including music theory, teaching beginning and intermediate students, observing lessons and classes, and apprentice teaching in Hartt’s nationally-known Community Division.  For the accompanying sequence, students are presented with basic accompanying skills, duo piano music, and vocal and instrumental repertoire. 

Master of music - piano performance

This program includes in-depth interdepartmental seminars exploring unique perspectives of the piano literature through performance and historical study. Music electives include classes in organ, harpsichord, accompanying and chamber music.

master of music - piano pedagogy

The Master of Music degree in Piano Performance-Pedagogy emphasis offers students at the graduate performance level the opportunity to grow as a performance musician and to prepare to  teach in private studio and group piano class settings. These are achieved through instruction and observation.  Coursework includes weekly private instruction, music history, music theory, history of piano pedagogy, lesson observation in Hartt's Community Division, in depth study in private studio teaching techniques, and culminates in a full recital.