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Bringing Hartt to wider audiences

One living room at a time

Hartt@Home is a performance outreach initiative of the Julius Hartt Foundation Board of Trustees. The program brings performers from The Hartt School to perform in homes. The goals of Hartt@Home are:

  • build awareness of The Hartt School 
  • serve professional needs of emerging student artists
  • deepen relationships with the community
  • rekindle connections with University and Hartt alumni

The first season of Hartt@Home in the 2015-2016 academic year featured seven concerts of undergraduate and graduate guitar students. The program expanded in 2016-2017 to include Instrumental Studies Division, Chamber Music, and Jackie McLean Institute Jazz students, and two faculty performances, bringing ten exceptional concerts to over 200 listeners in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Program Coordination

Hartt@Home is organized by a Coordinator, a Hartt Foundation board member, in partnership with a fulltime Hartt faculty member who maintains communication with faculty and students at the school. The Coordinator is the first contact and main support person for the host community, matching hosts with artists, organizing the concert schedule, ad helping hosts with event details as needed. The Faculty/Student Liaison helps to ensure that performers are ready to represent Hartt in an off-campus performance.

Who can host a Hartt@Home performance?

Anyone who is willing to engage their social networks to create an audience for a Hartt performer can be a host. Hosts bring listeners who may or may not know about The Hartt School and its outstanding performance programs. The host organizes social, food, and drink aspects of the event in a way that is comfortable for host and guests. The atmosphere is relaxed and the event is most often an important opportunity for the student to perform in public prior to delivering a degree recital.

Who are the performers?

Outstanding student performers are nominated by faculty to appear in a Hartt@Home performance. Such performers are normally upper-class undergraduates (juniors and seniors) or graduate students who have a program ready to submit to satisfy a degree requirement. Faculty performers may also volunteer to present Hartt@Home performances. They are solo artists, collaborative performances (solo instrument or voice with piano), chamber groups, and even jazz combos.

How to host a performance by a Hartt musician in your home

Once a host and artists are matched and a date is chosen, the artists put final refinements onto the program they've already spent hundreds of hours preparing.

The host gets to work creating a guest list for the audience, planning the social aspects of the event, tracking RSVPs, preparing the home for the event, and choosing refreshments as desired. 

Music Production and Technology Program recording engineers also participate in Hartt@Home, capturing the audio recording of the performance for use by the artist. Hartt@Home concert recordings are curated by the recording program staff.

The Hartt@Home event is a unique social and musical experience. Performers dedicate themselves to a great concert show, and interact with the audience in unique ways. Hosts dedicate themselves to creating a comfortable atmosphere for performers and guests. Audience sizes range from fifteen to forty, and the social/food/drink aspects of the event are at the host's discretion. The Program Coordinator can help with audience creation, advice on social aspects, etc. A Hartt Foundation board member will always be present to MC the event.

If you are interested in hosting a Hartt@Home performance, contact the coordinator by email at hartthome@hartford.edu for an initial consultation.