Vehicle registration at The Hartt School Community Division
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Vehicle registration

Please register your vehicle within one week of enrollment.

The Department of Public Safety at the University of Hartford strives to maintain a safe, productive, and enjoyable campus environment. As a result, they manage and monitor vehicles parked on the University campus.

HCD students are required to register their vehicles in order to park on the University of Hartford campus. This applies to our main campus and Handel Performing Arts Center locations, but does not apply to our Simsmore Square or other satellite locations. Students must re-register their vehicle(s) each year, regardless of if they have done so in the past.

In order to register your vehicle, you must utilize our Self-Service Center. Accessing this website is only possible once your enrollment materials have been received and processed by our office. Please note it may take up to 7 to 10 business days from the date of receipt for our office to process your enrollment materials, but we strive to input this information as soon as we are able. If your HCD registration has not yet been processed and subsequently you cannot register your vehicle, please try again in a few business days.

Please note that the vehicle registration process is the responsibility of the student/family. 

Steps to register your vehicle

  • Visit the University of Hartford Self-Service Secure Login page
  • Use your University of Hartford ID and PIN to log on.
  • Under the personal information tag, click "Public Safety/Parking"
  • Read the "Your car on campus" text and click "Accept"
  • Click "Request a University of Hartford Parking Permit"
  • Select the Hartt Community Division Parking Permit from the pull down list and select "Continue". Do not do anything else. HCD students do not need to update any contact information nor do anything else. You do not have to pay for your permit. Contact the HCD if you do not have the free HCD permit option on this menu so we can correct this for you.
  • Fill out the "Add vehicle" form if necessary and click "Add vehicle".
  • Choose a vehicle, and select "Process Permit Sale"
  • You may repeat this process to add a second vehicle. Only two vehicles may be registered per family.
  • You are finished once your permit shows. You do not need to print anything out nor go to Public Safety. You do not need to display any permit in your car; your license plate will automatically be recognized by Public Safety.

Vehicle Registration FAQ

I need help. should i call public safety?

No. Please do not call public safety. Please contact the Hartt Community Division Directly by phone 860.768.4451 or email.

What is my student id/pin?

New Student ID/PIN

The ID is the number you use to pay for deposits and register for lessons. You should get this before you sign up for your introductory lesson. The PIN is the first initial of the student's last name plus their birthday in the following format - MMDDYYYY. For example: A student named Jane Doe born 01/02/2010 has a PIN of D01022010

Current Student ID/PIN

Please call the Hartt Community Division if you need assistance 860.768.4451.

Who can register a vehicle?

This registration is for individuals only participating in University activities through the Hartt School Community Division. Students enrolled in University classes and faculty/staff will need to register their vehicles through Public Safety at 860.768.7985. Vehicle registrations with ID numbers associated with University students or faculty/staff members will not be registered using this system.

where can i park?

Registered vehicles may be parked in Lot D and at the Handel Performing Arts Center. This excludes red parking spaces and faculty/staff parking spaces.

do i need to display a parking tag?

No. All vehicle information is queried by Public Safety before tickets are issued.

I was ticketed, what should I do?

Contact the Hartt Community Division main office at 860.768.4451. First, make a copy of the citation. Next, please be prepared with your student's name and ID number. We will help you resolve the issue with Public Safety. Please do not contact Public Safety directly.