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Applying to Hillyer

You can apply to Hillyer College in one of two ways—either through the traditional paper application or the online application. One form does not give you an advantage over the other in the admission process. The University's admission committee reviews each and every application.

  • Traditional paper application
    Check off the box for Hillyer College as your choice.

    You may indicate an interest in one of Hillyer's academic concentrations or seek general acceptance to the college.
  • Online application
    When the system asks what major you plan to enter, fill in "Hillyer College" as your general choice or select one of the academic concentrations.
The links below will take you directly to the University of Hartford's admission page and the application. Good luck, and we will see you at new student orientation in June. 

Applying to Hillyer

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You may apply to Hillyer College through our online application or with a traditional paper and pencil application.