Cynthia Ritvo
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Cynthia Ritvo


Hillyer students are challenging in the sense that they are often “late bloomers” and underachievers.  In many cases, they do not think of themselves as capable of doing well, especially in mathematics. No two students are exactly the same, but I enjoy the challenge of helping each student to understand math and to discover how intelligent and mathematically capable he or she really is.  The students who take my courses are those who have aspirations for a difficult and competitive math/science based career, such as health science, biology, engineering, computer science.  It is a wonderful experience to help such a student learn how to study this material--to discover that he/she can meet this challenge and understand math and science at a higher level than s/he ever thought possible.  A new world of opportunity is opening!  When this happens, it is exciting to observe and to be a part of it. 


  • MAB 220: Trigonometry and Introduction to Calculus
  • MAB 221: First-Level Calculus

Degrees and Certifications

  • A.B.D., SUNY Buffalo
  • M.A., SUNY Buffalo
  • B.A., Smith College

Research Interests

  • Pedagogy of mathematics, innovations
  • Teaching women in mathematics
  • Math anxiety