Join One of Our Leadership Opportunities
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Join One of Our Leadership Opportunities

Student Ambassador Program

The student ambassadors are sophomore, junior, and senior University of Hartford students who are currently in or have graduated from Hillyer College. They help recruit and promote the college by providing the student perspective through personalized visits and events with prospective students and families. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Attending Hillyer admissions meetings with the dean of the College and the director of admissions and communication
  • Welcoming a prospective student to be a guest in his/her class
  • Giving prospective students a sense of the college experience through a personal tour, lunch, phone conversations
  • Representing the college at Admissions events such as orientations, spring receptions, Summer Bridge, and luncheons

Student Mentorship Program

The Student Mentorship Program was started by current and graduated Hillyer students. It pairs each Hillyer freshman with a student who has already made the successful transition from high school to college. Mentors offer each student a welcoming face and support system through first week jitters, during midterms, and at the end of their semester. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Formally introducing themselves to their mentee
  • Communicating through different means such as social media messaging, texting, phone call, and in person throughout the semester
  • Providing guidance and direction to the mentee, and seeking outside support when needed 


For both programs, students are typically nominated by faculty of the college on the basis of academic performance, involvement in the college, and overall character. Students must be a sophomore, junior, or senior who is currently finishing their second year in Hillyer or has transitionined to one of the other six schools.

Further inquires to either of these programs can be sent to Laurie Fasciano, at

  • Miguel Badillo, '17, Biology
    Miguel Badillo, '17, Biology

    "I want to challenge the incoming class be thinkers and work hard, because it's imperative to living a good life"

  • Rachel and Ruchelle Cabral' 18, Elementary Education
    Rachel and Ruchelle Cabral' 18, Elementary Education

    "We love talking to potential students about why we love this school, Hillyer, and the overall environment of the campus"

  • Gabriella Jara '18, Psychology
    Gabriella Jara '18, Psychology

    "I want to help students branch out, connect with faculty, network, and take advantage of Hillyer's opportunities"

  • Megan Lee '17, Physical Therapy
    Megan Lee '17, Physical Therapy

    "As a mentor, I can reach out and guide new students to have a smooth transition and success in college life"

  • Laura Faria '18, International Studies
    Laura Faria '18, International Studies

    "I love meeting incoming students and watching them grow into upperclassmen. The friends and faculty you make are unforgettable"

  • Gabriele Tripodi '18, Accounting
    Gabriele Tripodi '18, Accounting

    "I appreciate meeting and understanding new students because I can then personally help them with any situation that arises"