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International Student Services

The International Student Services section of the International Center provides you with a number of important benefits and services. Our primary function is to insure that you maintain your legal status while a student at the University of Hartford and to provide you with the necessary support to insure your success here.

To this end, the Center acts as the liaison between the University and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service, the U.S. Department of State, embassies and consulates abroad, foreign governments, and international organizations.

We also provide you with current information regarding compliance with DHS requirements, including student and exchange visitor status, travel, employment regulations and so much more. Personalized academic and non-academic counseling and referral is available and no appointment is necessary to speak with an advisor.

Upcoming Programs and Events for Spring 2017

It's Time to file your 2016 Income Tax return FormsIncme tax

It is “Income Tax” time again. As you know it is time to file your income tax return forms with the U.S. government if you were present in the U.S. at any time during the year of 2016  All F-1 and J-1 students and exchange visitors are required to file a tax return whether you earned income or not!  

As in the past, the International Center has purchased a software license to a tax program called GLACIER to help you file your return.  GLACIER is a specialty program that is directly targeted to international students and scholars who are NOT classified as U.S.  “Residents” and will produce the necessary forms required by the U.S. government. The Center will provide you with access to this on-line software.  If you wish to use this software, please stop by the Center and secure a pin number to the software and directions.

Please remember, you must file Tax return document with the US government even if you did not earn any income in 2016

APRIL 18, 2017 is the deadline to submit your tax return if you have earned income or a scholarship during 2016.

Read more here

Practical Training Applications are now being acceptedopt

Are you graduating in May or summer 2017? Will you be looking for employment in the US following graduation? The International Center is now accepting applications for OPT. 

Pick up your's now if you have not already done so. Applications are being processed daily from 9-12:pm only.

"Honest Conversations with Muslim Neighbors"koran

Join us for an open forum exploring the Islamic faith. 

Presented by the Connecticut Council for Inter-religious Understanding, a moderator-led panel will anwser questions posed by the audience through a discussion of the  tenets of Islam.

This is your opportunity to learn more about the Islamic faith.

Please join us on Tuesday April 4th at 12:15 in Millard Auditorium

This program is co-sponsored by the Dean of Student's Office, Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies, Hartford Hillel, the International Center, the Muslim Student Association, Catholic Campus Ministry, Protestant Campus Ministry, and the All-University Curriculum.

Click here for our complete 2016 - 17 Programs and Events Schedule

Important Notices

Is your I-20 expiring at the end of the semester and you will not finish your program by then?

If your I-20 is expiring at the end of the semester, you must apply for a program extension. Read the requirements here. We recommend you apply at least one month before the end date as listed on your document.

Are you planning to travel outside the U.S. during semester or summer Breaks?

If you are planning to travel outside the US over the semester or summer breaks, please read this important information.

Is It time to apply for your Post Completion Practical Training Permit.?

If you are completing your program of study in May 2017,  then it's time to consider applying for your Post Completion Practical Training permit. Apply through the International Center beginning on February 16, 2017.

have you changed your U.S. Address?

If you have recently changed your U.S. address or phone number, please contact the International Center with your new information.  The U.S. Immigration Service requires that any new information be updated within ten days and Center staff will assist you.

Want to invite your family or friends to visit you in the U.S.?

Whether it is for graduation or just  a visit from your family or friends, the Center can help you with needed advice and documents. Here's how to do it.

About our Website

The International Center strives to maintain the accuracy of our website, particularly as it relates to immigration regulations and procedures.  Due to evolving changes in immigration law, it is not always possible to make timely updates to our site.  International students and scholars are advised to always check with their International Student Advisor for the most up-to-date information.