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Stage 3: While Abroad

Now that you're abroad, we want to make your experience as fun and as easy as possible, and to smooth your transition back home.  Below you'll find some useful information while you are overseas.


Study Abroad Policies

While you are abroad, you are still a UHart student and need to be aware of University deadlines and policies.  This includes information on your academics both overseas and back at UHart, and Hartford housing when you return.  Read More

We've also included an electronic copy of the handbook you received at your pre-departure orientation



UnitedHealthcare Global

We want to remind you of the University's Emergency Travel Assistance policy.  This is not health insurance, but instead an emergency travel, medical, and security provider.  The services provided by UnitedHealthcare Global range from telephone advice and referrals to a full-scale evacuation by private air ambulance.  Read More.


Travel Resources

We know you're excited to do some traveling and exploring while you are overseas.  We've put together a list of travel resources and useful websites for you to utilize abroad, including tipping etiquetteRead More.



Culture Shock

Living and studying abroad is an exciting and enriching opportunity.  However, the ways in which you view the world and the views, values, and customs of people of other cultures may be vastly different.  Culture shock is the stress of the psychological disorientation experienced living in a culture different than your own.  Symptoms of culture shock may include the following: discomfort, irritability, homesickness, hostility towards the host culture, frustration, and other physical symptoms of stress.  Read More.


Top Travel Tips for Students

We know you'll be doing some traveling while you are studying abroad.  We want you to stay safe, so we've put together a list of travel tips.  Read More.



Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Each country and culture has their own views of what is appropriate behavior for women.  Although you may not agree with these views, it is wise to abide by the local laws and customs to avoid problems.  Please become familiar with the laws and customs of the places where you wish to go.  Read More.