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Observer, Summer 2003

Building a Bridge to AfghanistanBuilding a Bridge to Afghanistan

Afghanistan. Sandwiched between Iran to the west and Pakistan to the east, it is a rugged, landlocked country about the size of the state of Texas. High, mountainous terrain and wind-swept deserts make up two-thirds of the landscape of what is one of the world’s poorest countries. The primary sources of income are agriculture and raising sheep and goats. The climate is harsh, and there is an average of 50 earthquakes each year.

Artist to Artist

Rita Garvin ’05 is working with a troublesome batch of film. It is late afternoon on a dreary Wednesday in April. Garvin, a sophomore, and her classmates are hard at work in room 114, the black-and-white darkroom at the Hartford Art School.

The Habitat Habit

Sitting in a rocking chair on a porch in jeans and T-shirt, swatting away the occasional mosquito, I’m enjoying the sunset and sultry summer air. I am sentimental, wanting to cry and laugh at the same time, thankful for the moment, and my week.

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They Didn’t Prepare Us for the Peace.

Image of prepare-peace-2.jpg

Operation Iraqi Freedom concluded with a series of startling images, many of them positive, all of them pointing to unanticipated and historic possibilities.  Read more