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OSP Templates


Please note that the grant proposal process must undergo an internal review process prior to actual submission to the funding agency. We ask that you provide all required & final documents to OSP 2 weeks prior to the funder's deadline.

Below you will find the required internal OSP forms for external funding proposals. These forms assist OSP in collecting all critical information as required by the University and requirements of the grant.  OSP will submit all final grants on behalf of the PI.

A completed packet that includes the following items below must to submitted to OSP 2 weeks prior to the funder's deadline for review & approval:

  • ProSum/COI
  • Internal Budget Form
  • Budget Justification
  • Match Form (if applicable)
  • Scope of Work by PI
  • RFP (if applicable)
  1. Click Here for the internal Prosum/COI fillable form that serves as a key internal document used by OSP and required for all grant submissions by the PI.      

**NOTE: Open the PDF document in your brower, and download it and save it to your desktop.  Locate the Adobe Acrobat Reader application on your desktop, open Adobe application.  Go to "File", then open and locate the file. Then enter information into prosum form and "save as" renaming the file.

**NOTE: If you don't have Adobe Reader, you must download the most recent version here:

  1. The Internal Budget Template - Public This excel spreadsheet is used for federal funding agencies (NSF, NIH, NEH) and an indirect cost of 43% can be applied to the budget for F&A cost.

  2. The Internal Budget Template - Private This excel spreadsheet is used for private funding such as state, local and foundations where an indirect cost of 10% can be applied. If an indirect cost is not allowed by the funder, the PI may delete the IDC rate formula and note this information on the sheet.

  3. Budget Justification (if required by funding agency) must support the requested budget being submitted by the PI and must not be more than 3 pages for all years of the project combined.

  4. The Matching Funds Template summarizes the University's cost share or match portion of a proposal. It must be signed by the Dean and Provost and contain the correct fund and org numbers for Financial Accounting Services to audit the contribution.

**NOTE: Poicy on Supplemental Grant Income - Certain public and private funders will allow Principal Investigators (PI) to request compensation over and above their base salary. This request must be explicit in the grant proposal and in all internal documents, and is subject to the following guidelines.

     *Full-Time faculty members on 10-month contracts may earn supplemental compensation (above their salary) from sponsored research as follows:

  • Up to 20% of their base salary during the academic year and
  • Supplemental summer grant income according to funder guidelines. Summer funding from federal sources not to exceed 20% of base salary.

     *Full-time faculty members on 12-month contracts may earn supplemental compensation from sponsored research as follows:

  • Up to 20% of their base salary during the calendar year


  1. For all federal grants, both NSF & NIH require a biosketch from the PI and CoPI.

  2. Time & Effort Reports are required by all key personnel written into a grant. Time and effort spent on any project that is awarded by public-sector (Federal, State & Local) funds is required by the University to remain in compliance with government entities and eligible for additional grant and contract funding. Please contact Toni Guilford at or at 860-768-5940 if you have further questions.


If your project requires Human or Animal Subject Use, you must obtain approval prior to submitting your final documents to OSP.

Human Subjects Committee:

Human Subjects Form - please use "Proposal Transmittal Form"

Animal Subjects:

Other Internal OSP Institutional Forms

  1. The Letter of Intent is only required when the funding agency requires one and/or another institution requires this information.  The letter of intent may also be required by a funding agency to initiate intent of new proposal.

  2. The Invention Disclosure form is for faculty or staff who have marketable inventions developed using University of Hartford resources. This form is required to begin the process of technology transfer.