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University of Hartford phone lines

The UHART phone system is down.  Please call 860-418-9685 for Dept. of Public Safety or 911 for emergencies.

Spring Fling Safety

KEEP YOUR UNIVERSITY OF HARTFORD ID ON YOU.  Do not remove your wristband.

Get home safely

    • Use a designated driver
    • Stay with your friends.  Remember, “We come together, we leave together”
    • Never leave a friend alone

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning:

    • Slowed breathing (<10 breaths/minute)
    • Eyes roll back into head
    • Vomiting while unconscious
    • Unresponsive
    • Slowed heart rate
    • Skin color change

If an individual is vomiting, turn him or her on his or her side to prevent choking on vomit


  • Always keep your drink in sight
  • Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to prevent alcohol poisoning 
  • Load up on carbs and protein before going out.
  • Wear covered shoes, not flip flops or sandals (flip flops and broken glass don’t mix)
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash.
  • Always lock your door when leaving your dorm or apartment and keep your keys with you.
  • Bottles and cans are not allowed outside.  Please leave backpacks in your room.

Come Check out the Pre-Spring Fling Safety & Awareness Hoopla 

For registration information and Spring Fling policies, visit