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Public Safety at the University of Hartford

Our Goals

The primary responsibility of the Public Safety Department is protection of life and property. Realistically, no society, community or college campus can be totally crime free. However, we can take measures to deter criminal activity on campus. Each member of the University community has a responsibility to adopt sound safety and security practices both on and off campus. It is only in partnership with one another that we can continue to provide a safe environment in which to work, learn, and engage in social activities.


The Department of Public Safety, under the administration of the Director of Public Safety, is responsible for safety and security on campus. The Department of Public Safety is in full operation twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Full time staff consists of the director, associate director, lieutenants, quartermaster, records manager, crime prevention officer, investigators, sergeants, officers, dispatchers and support staff. During the academic year, students may supplement the department's staffing.

The Public Safety Headquarters are located on the northeast side of campus parking lot E, across from the Village Market in the Konover Campus Center in campus parking lot F, and Lincoln Theatre. Public Safety and Facilities share this building.

Within the main lobby of Headquarters is the Public Safety Dispatch Center which coordinates the activities of all field officers and supervisors. The dispatcher receives all incoming phone calls and directs the response of officers to routine incidents, emergencies, and calls for service.

For patrol purposes, property owned or controlled by the University of Hartford is divided into districts that are patrolled by officers in vehicles, on foot, and on bicycles. Officers are required to maintain high visibility and department vehicles are well marked and easily identified.

Public Safety personnel do not have police powers, but will provide assistance to local law enforcement agencies in the enforcement of state, local, and federal rules, regulations, ordinances and laws including those pertaining to alcohol and drug violations on campus. They also enforce University regulations and conduct routine parking enforcement. Every effort is made to enforce these regulations in an equitable and professional manner. Public Safety maintains a close, professional relationship with local police departments and response from these departments, when needed, is prompt and supportive. See the Community Link for department sites.

All Public Safety officers have at least Connecticut State certification as Medical Response Technicians - MRT, with some officers certified at higher levels of medical training, EMT. These individuals are first responders to all medical emergencies on campus and provide immediate assessment and care. Members of the Public Safety Department are well trained and maintain certifications in the PR-24 defensive baton, OC Spray a.k.a. pepper spray, handcuffing, and MOAB - management of aggressive behavior. Staff members are also trained to properly respond to reports of sexual assaults, group disturbances, fires, psychological emergencies, and conflicts involving students or individuals not formally associated with the University.