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Emergency Procedures

Threats on Campus Video

Please do not place calls directly to off-campus resources such as 911, police, fire, or ambulance. For more information please see the following flyer on a Hostile Intruder on Campus

In the event of an emergency requiring an immediate public safety presence, call extension 7777 from any campus phone. From an off-campus phone, pay phone or cell phone, call 860.768.7777

All CODE BLUE Campus Emergency Phones have a Emergency / Panic button as do all University Elevators, and Laundry Rooms.  Here is a map of all Emergency Phones on the main campus.

You may also download our complete safety and emergency prepareness guide.

Stay Calm!

When reporting an emergency, it is important to provide information to the Public Safety Dispatcher in a calm and clear manner. Depending upon the nature of the emergency, the caller may be asked to stay on the line in order for the dispatcher to obtain more information.

  • All 7777 calls are given priority, as the may involve immediate threats to life and/or property.
  • The Public Safety Dispatcher is the person best able to coordinate the necessary responding agencies in an emergency situation.
  • Public Safety Officers are all state certified as Medical Response Technicians (MRT) or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).
  • Please do not place calls directly to off-campus resources (911, police, fire, ambulance). Public Safety personnel can respond quickly to an emergency and are equipped to coordinate a response from other agencies (police, fire, ambulance) as needed.
  • If evacuation is necessary, go to the nearest exit and leave the building quickly. Do not call Public Safety to ask questions. Do not use an elevator during evacuation and maintain a safe distance from the subject building once you have evacuated.
  • Follow all directions provided by Public Safety staff.

For all non-emergency and routine calls and inquiries call extension 7985 from any campus phone and 860.768.7985 from an off campus phone, pay phone, or cell phone.