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Lead Resident Assistants and Resident Assistants

The Office of Residential Life employs outstanding students to provide residents with  role models within their living area. They are a referral and resource agent for all students. These leadership positions balance building a community and enforcing University policy. These are highly sought-after positions. Selected students are trained rigorously for two weeks prior to the arrival and return of our residential students.

There is one lead resident assistant (LRA) on each resident assistant (RA) staff. The LRAs are support agents, resource agents, and liaisons for the resident directors and resident assistants. RAs plan events and activities for residents while developing the building's community.

Lead Resident Assistants (LRAs)

The lead resident assistants are a small elite group of returning residents assistants who assist the resident director with administrative duties, and provide paraprofessional leadership and support to their designated staff. There is one lead resident assistant in six of our seven areas.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

The resident assistants are carefully selected upper-class students assigned to each living community. They assist residential students with transitions during their ever-changing college career. In addition, the resident assistants develop and facilitate social and educational programming, which encourages a strong, positive, and inclusive community. They are responsible for actively creating and establishing a community within their assigned area. Please contact them directly if you have any questions or concerns.

A and B Complex

Devyn Kangas LRA of A & B Complex,
A Complex RA duty phone: 860.550.3492
B Complex RA duty phone: 860.550.4128
A Complex Building RAs
Andrews Kayla and Aika
Barlow Seprhrina and James
Crandall Jarrett and Devyn
Olmsted Angeliz and Hector
B Complex Building RAs
Reeve Nancy and Myles
Beecher Shelby and Bryson
Stevens Jamie and Leah
Warner Lindaluz and Paul

C and D Complex

C Complex RA duty phone: 860.550.4264
D Complex RA duty phone: 860.508.9885

C Complex Building RAs
Poe Ariana and Joseph
Willard Stephanie and Darrigan
Malcolm X Hunter and Michael
Dubois Anisa and Jack
D Complex Building RAs
King Sarah and Ryan
Smith Michael and Keirheim
Occum Nicole and Jada
Roth Colin and Sharlene

E and F Complex

E Complex RA duty phone: 860.508.9984
F Complex RA duty phone: 860.508.9984

E Complex Building RAs
Bushnell Evan and Sierra
Garvey Lauren and Mason
Hillyer Kristin
Whitney Alexa
F Complex Building RAs
Gallaudet Fabjola
Barnard Ashiyana and Matthew
Webster Andrea
Stowe Jairus

Hawk Hall

Matthew Baronowski LRA of Hawk Hall,
Hawk Hall RA Duty phone: 860.331.6841

Residential Learning Community RAs
2nd floor Global Engagement Robert
2nd floor Hawk Spirit Myrani
3rd floor Honors Elena
3rd floor Wellness Matthew
4th floor Creative Arts Erik
4th floor STEMC Mikaela
5th floor Community Service Holly
5th floor Emerging Leaders Julia

Regents and Park River

Samrana Bertrand LRA of Hawk Hall,
Regents RA duty phone: 860.550.2928
Park River RA duty phone: 860.550.3109
Regents Wing RAs
Regents North Ramsha
Regents South Renay, Kreshnik, Ashley
Regents East Naaman, Ashley, Clauvitch
Regents West Sukey, Marc, Jennifer
Park River RAs
Park River Samrana, Jake, Carolyn, and Justin


Samantha Migneault, LRA of the Village,
Village RA duty phone: 860.550.3139

Village Quad RAs
Quad 1 Jacob and Chelsea
Quad 2 Shaina and Ximar
Quad 3 Zack and Tanya
Quad 4 Ian and Madeline
Quad 5 Cyrena and Domenic
Quad 6 Gabrielle and Vitor
Quad 7 Christopher and Imellisse