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Thursday, January 29

In the aftermath of the winter storm, the University of Hartford is operating on a normal schedule.

Move your vehicle to allow for snow removal in parking lots.

current as of 6:46 a.m., Jan. 29, 2015

Share your preferences


  1. Discuss your sleeping habits (i.e., weekdays, weekend, etc.).
  2. Discuss what your sense of humor is like (e.g., silly, sarcastic, etc.).
  3. Discuss how much TV you watch and what kinds of shows you like.
  4. Discuss where you like to study.
  5. Share your thoughts about the use of drugs/alcohol.
  6. Discuss habits you have that a roommate might need to know.
  7. Explain what you usually do when you are upset about something.
  8. Discuss what will usually cheer you up.
  9. Explain how to tell when you are angry.
  10. Explain what makes you tense or uptight.
  11. Discuss things that annoy you.
  12. Explain how you communicate your feelings.