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Damage Appeals: FAQs

What if I am not responsible for the damages?  Can I appeal the charge?

Students who feel a damage charge is unjustified, or who have evidence that they did not cause the damage, are able to submit an appeal online. Often this will require documentation from the party taking responsibility for the damage outlining that you were not involved, or, evidence that the damage was pre-existing. If a damage charge has been applied to a student account, but you have not received a billing notice from the Office of Residential Life, please contact the Office of Residential Life at, or by phone at 860.768.7792, to receive a copy of the billing notice.  Further directions for the appeals process will be included in the billing notice you will receive. Failure to submit an appeal within the appeal deadline because you did not, or do not, check your email regularly will not be accepted.

  • Throughout the year, students who wish to appeal must do so within 10 academic/business days (Monday through Friday) from the date the billing invoice was sent to their University of Hartford email account. Any appeals received after this deadline will not be eligible for consideration and will be denied. 
  • During May closing, any student who utilizes the escorted checkout option will have the opportunity to appeal damage charges. All damage appeals must be submitted no later than noon on June 27, 2014. Any appeals submitted after this date will not be eligible for consideration. Students are expected to check their University of Hartford email account throughout the course of the summer, especially in June when damage billing notices will be sent to a student’s University email. 

Can a parent submit a damage appeal on behalf of their student?

Students are the only ones who can submit a damage appeal.

Who sets the prices?

The Department of Facilities Management sets the prices for the cost of parts and labor to repair or replace damages every year.  Residential Life does not set the prices for repairs, and cannot alter these charges.  Appeals cannot be granted based solely on a disagreement over the cost of the repairs.

Is there a deadline to submit an appeal?

Yes. Throughout the academic year, a damage appeal must be submitted within 10 business days from the date the billing invoice was sent. During May closing, all damage appeals must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm on Thursday, June 25, 2015. After these deadlines have past, we will not accept any damage appeals.

If I haven’t heard about the outcome of my damage appeal who should I contact?

Due to the nature of the damage appeal process, please allow for 10 – 15 academic/business days for our staff to review and investigate your appeal.  If you haven’t heard after 15 academic/business days please contact your Resident Director  by email or phone.

What if one of my roommates is responsible for the damage?  What if I caused the damage?

We bill all students who live in the room, suite, apartment, floor, or quad if we are unable to determine the responsible party that caused the damage.  If your roommate caused the damage, and wants to accept responsibility for the damage, they will need to send the Resident Director an email from their University of Hartford email account stating what they are accepting responsibility for, and he/she must include their student ID number. If we do not receive notice of someone accepting responsibility, the charge for the damage will be divided among the roommates, suitemates, apartment mates, floor mates, or quad mates. 

If you yourself caused the damage and want to accept responsibility, you will need to send an email to your Resident Director from your University of Hartford email account stating what you are accepting responsibility for, and include your student ID number.  Please note, when you or your roommate accept responsibility for damage, that means all the costs associated with the damage will be applied directly to the student's account who is accepting responsibility.