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This is my story

Ben Accardo ’12 and Max Accardo ’12

Twin Legacies

Ben: Since our parents went to the University of Hartford, Max and I have been coming here for years. When driving down to New York and New Jersey to visit family, our parents would pull off I-84 every once in a while to visit the campus and see what’s changed.

We’ve heard nothing but positive things from them about their experiences here, and clearly that’s rubbed off on us.

Max: Before coming to the University of Hartford, student government wasn’t exactly something that we had in mind. I got into it because of Ben. Someone already in student government told him that it was a great organization to get involved with, and from there we just took off.

Ben: When we were in high school we participated in sports together. We’ve been pretty close over the years through sports. We sort of start things at different times, but in the end we share the activities that we get involved with and usually we both end up working on them together.

Max: One thing our parents always told us is that college is what you make of it. It just makes you a much more well-rounded person being involved with student government. At a school this size, you really have the opportunity to make a difference.

Ben: You’re not just a number here. Professors make it a goal in the first couple of weeks to remember every one of their students’ names. I can’t walk from point A to point B without a professor or staff member saying hello to me. It’s really nice.

Max: A lot of people get a kick out of it when we argue over certain things – like “oh, they’re identical twins, look at them, they’re not agreeing on absolutely everything.” But you know that’s just the way it works. We share different views and different opinions. But in the end, we do have a great working relationship with each other and with student government.

Student government has definitely brought us closer. We’ve worked with an amazing group of people, and it’s been a great experience.

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