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This is my story

Isabel Wang ’11 and Sonya Wang ’11

Seeing Double

Isabel: We are identical twins, but that doesn't mean we are the same person. After I graduate, I want to do something in the medical field, possibly physical therapy. My sister Sonya is thinking about going into marketing. Fortunately, the University of Hartford is big enough that we can both pursue our interests. I plan to transfer from Hillyer into the College of Arts and Sciences and Sonya is planning to transfer to the Barney School of Business. We probably won't see each as much once that happens, but we will still be able to spend time together after classes.

Going to school with my twin has definitely made the college experience easier. I've always had a friend on campus thanks to Sonya.

Sonya: Having Isabel on campus means I always have somebody to go to. We try not to be in the same classes, but we still have the same friends, so we see each other a lot.

Our mother taught us it was important to have our own identities. She encouraged us to have our own interests. We do have some things in common, like being big sports fans. And we have the same taste in clothes. Sometimes we'll wear the same University of Hartford sweatshirt, but that will just be by coincidence. We have never worn identical outfits, even when we were children. In fact, our mother forbade our babysitters from dressing us the same.

Growing up, our teachers could rarely tell us apart. We never wanted to take advantage of that and play tricks on them, even though it was tempting! Here at the University, our professors don't realize there are two of us until they see us together. But our friends can always tell us apart.

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