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Noncompliance with Conduct Sanctions

Students or organizations that do not fulfill the terms and conditions of sanctions imposed by the director of Student Conduct Administration (DOSCA)/designee, University Administrative Hearing Committee, or conduct officer may be held responsible for noncompliance of sanctions.

Students or organizations out of compliance do not have a right to a hearing. A student or organization out of compliance may be suspended from the University for one year, or may lose their on-campus housing privileges for one academic year.

Other sanctions may also be imposed as deemed appropriate by the DOSCA /designee.


Our aim is to be fair!

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The University's Conduct system recognizes that students are members of the university community, and also members of the society at large. Every effort is made to ensure that the disciplinary process is fundamentally fair, equitable and in accordance with the University's statements concerning personal rights and freedoms. Sanctions are designed and administered with the goal of developing, refining, and teaching ethical and cultural values.