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Emergency Notification

CareCall.  This is an emergency notification system that will notify parents, contacts, the University, etc if you are injured on or off campus.  

The University of Hartford is committed to the safety of our students.  Emergencies happen and while we do everything possible to ensure the safety of our students, it is not possible for anyone to prevent all emergencies.  When an emergency happens on campus, we will notify you.  It is important for you to know that once a student is transported to a hospital, we cannot get further information. 

To help you have peace of mind and be prepared for any emergency, we have partnered with CareCall; an independent personal emergency notification service.  The University has been partnering with CareCall for 10 years.  They provide quick and accurate notification 24 hours a day--365 days a year.  The service is optional and has benefited many of our students and their families.

How it works:
In the event of a serious medical emergency, where the student cannot speak, CareCall eliminates upset and frustrating delays.  The hospital sees the uniquely coded CareCall items and calls the hotline center.  From there, CareCall will immediately:
1) Verify the emergency
2) Electronically provide the member's pre-signed CareCall HIPAA release to the hospital
3) Notify all contacts as to where the student is.
4) Provide contacts with the Emergency Department's name and contact information.
(This HIPAA form does not cover the University Health Services Office)
You can update your confidential information anytime it changes so you can always be easily reached.  The information you enter is unlimited contacts, medical conditions, anything you consider important for the hospital to know.
Reasonably Priced:
The cost for membership is only $52 per year for the student.  The family plan, which includes those who live in your home permanently & students who live away at college, is only $82 a year.   This program qualifies as an approved expense using pre-tax funds from your HSA, FSA, MSA accounts.
Membership items:
Each member receives uniquely numbered ID items to alert hospitals to call CareCall.  You also receive a HIPPA release form to be signed and returned, one metal key tag, ID stickers to apply to your driver's license, student ID and your passport.  Property stickers for your cellphone, laptops, iPods, tablets, --anything at all you carry with you.  They are also great on credit cards
Please enroll directly with CareCall online at  
Enter sponsor code 18-1-UoH to automatically add the University as a contact.  You will get a secure logon and you can set up all of your emergency contacts right now.

The University feels this program supports your desire to stay informed in emergency situations.  We encourage you to participate.