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What is an E-Board?

E-Board is an abbreviation for executive board, a group of elected officials entrusted with all responsibilities and duties pertaining to the UCA (including the lounge) and its members.

The E-Board works for you, the commuter undergraduate student, and its members will listen to and address individual concerns. Assembly meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month during happy hours. During E-Board meetings, members vote on events, spending, and other issues, including those brought to their attention by members of the UCA.

All commuters are members of the UCA General Assembly (GA) and are invited to attend GA meetings held in the lounge. During these meetings members of the GA may propose events or other suggestions for the UCA, which will be voted on by the E-Board and brought back to the GA for final approval. For example, if there is a change proposed for the UCA constitution, the E-Board will decide by majority vote if it is worthy of being brought before the GA. If approved, the motion will be brought to the GA, then instated if it is approved by majority vote.

If you have an idea or suggestion for the UCA, talk to a member of the E-Board or send us an email. Your voice will be heard!

2015–2016 E-Board Members

Micheal Daley - Graduate Adviser, e-mail:

Patrice Pinnock - President, e-mail:

Daniel Betancourt - Vice President, e-mail:

Kharla Colon - Treasurer, e-mail: 

Oliver Toal - Interim Secretary, email:

Booz Chris Julmice - Event Coordinator, email: