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Grants Awarded Spring 2010

Cherie Caluda, Hartt School of Music
“Vocal recording of select works of women poets”
$7,500.00 awarded to HARTT faculty member Cherie Caluda, who recorded a CD of select contemporary American art songs whose poetry exclusively features the works of women poets such as Denise Lanctot Baille, Emily Dickinson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Tess Gallagher, Elizabeth Bishop and Dorothy Parker.

Evelyn Chong, College of Arts and Sciences (graduate student)
“Whether Edible Bird’s Nest facilitates antioxidant function in PC-12 cells”
$3,000.00 awarded to University of Hartford graduate student Evelyn Chong, who researched whether salivary gland product of the male swiftlet, commonly known as Edible Bird’s Nest, can facilitate antioxidant function in PC-12 cells to reduce harmful byproducts from normal cellular activities.

Laurel Clark, Hillyer College, and undergraduate students
“Women Researching the History of Florida Women Settlers”
$8758.25 awarded to Hillyer College faculty member Laurel Clark, and students Antoinette DeGrandpre and Michelle Dyer, who conducted research on early women settlers in Florida. The information will form the basis of two chapters of an upcoming book: Taming the Territory: Women on the Florida Frontier. 

Susan Grantham, College of Arts & Sciences (A&S)
“The Leading Forward Project for Female Graduate Students”
$2,000.00 awarded to Susan Grantham, associate professor of communications in the College of A & S, and was built on the success of Leading Forward, a leadership development program for female graduate students. The program developed technical skills insight, and networks and networking skills.

Marcia Hughes, Katharine Owens and Natacha Poggio, and students
“The Kenya Project: Promoting Opportunities through Entrepreneurship”
$10,500.00 awarded to Marcia Hughes, assistant director, Center for Social Research at A & S, Katharine Owens, assistant professor, politics and government, A & S, and Natacha Poggio, assistant professor, visual communications design, Art School.  This initiative included three students and built upon an established partnership between the University and Kenyan institutions to improve the health and productivity of the Alour, a group of HIV-positive women.

Mala Matacin, College of Arts & Sciences (A&S), M.T. Winter, and students 
“Creating Community: Phase I”
$10,000.00 awarded to psychology professor Mala Matacin, associate professor, psychology,     A & S, and Hartford Seminary professor, M.T. Winter, who collaborated to develop a women's leadership curriculum focused on building a community. Four University students, Andrea Wojcik, Jade Parente, Monique Smalls and Victoria Lamagna, took part in the Women's Leadership Institute program offered at The Hartford Seminary.

Aimee Miller and Lynne Kelly, College of Arts & Sciences (A&S), and students
“Relational Aggression Among College Women”
$6,000.00 awarded to communications professors Aimee Miller and Lynne Kelly, together with female graduate and undergraduate student researchers, who conducted a study on the experiences of college women with either being a bully or experiencing bullying through various forms, including social media.

Saied Moslehpour, College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA), and students
“Developing interchangeable SPICE models using VLSI”
$8,500.00 awarded to engineering professor Saied Moslehpour and two student members of The Society of Women Engineers, who conducted research to develop complex parts in VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) and testing them in SPICE (Simulation Program for Integrated Circuits Emphasis) simulation software with other variables.

Claudia Oakes, Education, Nursing, and Health Professions (ENHP)
“Study of Women Aging in Place”
$2,418.00 awarded to Health Sciences professor Claudia Oakes, who engaged student researchers to study older women in West Hartford regarding the challenges these women face as they strive to continue to live independently.

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