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Grants Awarded Spring 2012

Tom Eppes, College Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) and students
“Multiphysics Modeling of Electronic Devices”
$10,000.000 provided to support Tom Eppes, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering in the CETA School, as he worked alongside five female engineering students to investigate advanced electronic device cooling. This program is helping to advance women as scholars in the male dominated field of engineering. Students include:  Harini Patlolla, Aneela Naz, Stacey Dufrane, Annie Becerra, and Karen Brzostowski.

Cat Balco, Hartford Art School
“The Ellipses Hospice Art Therapy Project”
$6,000.00 awarded to support Cat Balco, assistant professor, Painting, Balco, along with a group of five female art students from the University worked closely with individuals residing in hospice facilities. This program provided patients with the opportunity to tell their stories and help cope with death not only with words, but also through their imagination with painting, drawing, and sculpting.  Students include Allie Corriveau ‘13, Kim Zabrowski ‘14, Sara Adams ’13, Catherine Johnson ’12, and Alyssa Nett ’12.

Edward Gray, College of Arts and Sciences (A&S)
“Safe Water Supply Worldwide”
$5,450.00 provided to Edward Gray, professor of chemistry in A & S. Gray worked with Sarah Wahab ’14 to obtain a fundamental understanding of the chemistry involved in preserving safe water around the world. Wahab was able to be part of ground breaking research, an opportunity not afforded to many young women in the chemistry field.

Katie Lansdale, Hartt School
“The Clarke Project”
$3,000.00 awarded to support Katie Lansdale, professor of violin in the Hartt School and the Lion’s Gate Trio. Bringing the music of Rebecca Clarke (1886-1979) to a wider audience, Lansdale along with the Lion’s Gate Trio, performed Clarke’s works for the Hartt School and at the York Correctional Institute, Connecticut’s only maximum security prison for women. Through Clarke’s music, inmates and young musicians were given the chance to have intellectual, musical, and social stimulation. Learn more.

Aime Levesque, College of Arts and Sciences (A&S)
“p53 Protection Mechanism”
$10,000.00 to support Aime Levesque, assistant professor of biology in the A & S School. Teamed with female undergraduate and graduate students, Levesque plans on answering questions concerning the role of p53 in women. The p53 tumor plays a major role in the development of breast cancer. The results research may help to aid in the development of breast cancer therapies that target cancer cells without harming the healthy cells.  Students include Erica Lorenzo ’13.

T Stores, College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) and student Dana Eckstein
“1st Time in Every Time”
$2,650.00 awarded to support T Stores, associate professor of english in the A & S and student Dana Eckstein. Students of a first-year seminar in the fall of 2011 visited new residents of the Duncaster Lifecare Community Center to connect through their own life experiences. The interviews were recorded and are now being compiled into a documentary to create awareness about shared experiences in critical times of life transitions.

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