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Art and History Projects

Margo Greenlaw, A&S- 2014
“Reel Riveters"
Margo will create, "Reel Riveters", a service-education media training program in which female University of Hartford students will mentor girls and gender-nonconforming youth in the Hartford area. Weekly hands-on video production workshops for girls  aged 13-21. Female students from the University of  Hartford will develop leadership and communication skills as mentors both during and outside the structured workshops. Technology will be used to build self-esteem and empower girls to produce videos about their own lives and share these videos with the wider community.

Dr. S
usan Mardinly, Hartt School-2014
“Unsearched Documents of Barbara Strozzi”
Susan will complete preliminary research to publish "The Secret Lover" cantata, an article and a public concert. This new research will focus on a new article in IAWM Journal or Journal of Singing and the Secret Lover cantata, which is currently unresearched and unpublished to date, and complete the research with a lecture-concert series.

Amanda Carlson, College of Arts and Sciences (A&S)-2013
“Women and Art in Africa”
Amanda Carlson, professor of art history in the College of A&S and two female students conducted ethnographic research in Nigeria and Ghana on the role of women in African Art.

Bill Sanders, College of Arts and Sciences (A&S)-2013
“Beyond Manifest Destiny”
Bill Sanders, professor of multimedia web design and development in the College of A & S,  Mari Firkatian, professor of history in the School of Hillyer Humanities, and student Nancy Bencosme ’14, worked with former HCW administrator Miriam Butterworth to translate her Beyond Manifest Destiny research into an online learning tool and teachers’ guide.

Cat Balco, Hartford Art School-2012
“The Ellipses Hospice Art Therapy Project”
Cat Balco, assistant professor, Painting, Balco, and a group of five female art students from the University worked closely with individuals residing in hospice facilities. This program provided patients with the opportunity to tell their stories and help cope with death not only with words, but also through their imagination with painting, drawing, and sculpting.  Students include Allie Corriveau ‘13, Kim Zabrowski ‘14, Sara Adams ’13, Catherine Johnson ’12, and Alyssa Nett ’12.

Katie Lansdale, Hartt School-2012
“The Clarke Project”
Katie Lansdale, professor of violin in the Hartt School and the Lion’s Gate Trio brought the music of Rebecca Clarke (1886-1979) to a wider audience, Lansdale along with the Lion’s Gate Trio, performed Clarke’s works for the Hartt School and at the York Correctional Institute, Connecticut’s only maximum security prison for women. Through Clarke’s music, inmates and young musicians were given the chance to have intellectual, musical, and social stimulation. Learn more.

Paige Bray, College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions (ENHP)-2011
"Veteran Teachers of Color Stories"
Paige Bray, assistant professor, early childhood education at Hillyer and her team of women student researchers compiled the stories of local veteran teachers of color, building on Bray's research of the life of Dr. Nettie Webb, who served for over 30 years in a New York area school district integrated before the Brown v. Board of Education decision.  Student research assistants include Chanelle Peters, Natasha Robinson and Keisha Ellis. 

Jenni Freidman, Hartford Art School-2011
"Women in Contemporary Printmaking"
Jenni Friedman, visiting assistant professor, art printmaking, at the Hartford Art School and two women students in the Art School's printmaking program attended the Southern Graphics Council National Conference. The students attended "open portfolio" sessions, sharing their work and receiving critique on a national scale. These students then shared their experiences in an on-campus forum for other members of the University community.  Students included Mirra Goldfrad and Amanda Keating. 

Karen Tejada, Hillyer College-2011
"Las Mujeres Pueden Tambien"
Karen Tejada, assistant professor of sociology at Hillyer, and student Maria Arroy '13, interviewed and compiled qualitative data on the political practices of Salvadoran women residing in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Expanding on earlier research completed by Tejada, this study sought to enhance understanding of the women's unique change and mobilization strategies.

Cherie Caluda, Hartt School of Music-2010
“Vocal recording of select works of women poets”
HARTT faculty member Cherie Caluda  recorded a CD of select contemporary American art songs whose poetry exclusively features the works of women poets such as Denise Lanctot Baille, Emily Dickinson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Tess Gallagher, Elizabeth Bishop and Dorothy Parker.

Laurel Clark, Hillyer College, and undergraduate students-2010
“Women Researching the History of Florida Women Settlers”
Hillyer College faculty member Laurel Clark, and students Antoinette DeGrandpre and Michelle Dyer, conducted research on early women settlers in Florida. The information will form the basis of two chapters of an upcoming book: Taming the Territory: Women on the Florida Frontier.