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Project Application

This online application does not have a "save" feature. All materials should be composed and compiled in a separate Word document, and then cut and pasted into this form.

Applicants are encouraged to collaborate and involve multiple partners in the development of projects.

In addition to filling out this online application, all applicants must provide a detailed proposed budget. Applicants whose projects will require approval from either the Human Subjects Committee or the Animal Subjects Committee must begin the approval process prior to submitting their WELFund application. Both the budget and a copy of the submission to Human or Animal Subjects Committee (if applicable) must be forwarded to by the WELFund project application deadline of March 1st.

Project Details

Please provide the title for your project here:

1. Title of Project: *

Who is/are the contact person(s) responsible for this project?

2. Representative(s) : *

3. Classification: *

4. Email (s): *

5. Campus address (es): *

Please provide the best number(s) to reach you:

6. Campus number (s): *

Cell phone number: *

If this is an academic project, provide the discipline, if it is a staff initiated project provide the area where you work, if it is student-initiated, provide your major and/or the area your project would impact. For instance, if a student is working on a project to make the campus greener, the area would be university-wide and could be listed as such.

7. Area: *

TOTAL Dollar Amount Sought: The amount of funding you are seeking directly from WELFund for this project:

8. TOTAL Dollar Amount Sought: *

TOTAL Project Budget: The amount that the whole project will cost including proposed WELFund funding and other funding sources. WELFund review process values its funds serving as seed money.

9. TOTAL Project Budget: *

Use this space to provide a short description of your project:

10. Short Description (less than 100 words): *

Please tell us when the project would start and end:

11. Time Frame : *

Please list here additional partners on this project, as well as additional funding sources:

12. Additional Partners:

Use this space to provide a brief, 100 word biography detailing your qualifications for this project:

13. Biography (ies): *

Proposal Narrative

Please list who will directly benefit from this project and what the anticipated benefits to each will be. Please also list in this section any indirect beneficiaries and how they will benefit.

14. Project Beneficiaries: *

Please list students who will be involved with the project including their major, class, college and the role they will play in your project.

15. Student Involvement: *

What would success look like for this project and how will it be measured?

16. Impact: *

How will you disseminate the results of your work? (Examples include: conference presentations, publications, lunchtime talks, articles in UNotes and Informer). Please give specific examples of media you will target.

17. Publicity: *

Provide explanation of grant expenditures as they relate to specific grant activities and over-all purpose.

18. Spending Rationale: *

WELFund Mission

How does your project enhance the education of women?

19. Enhance Education: *

How does your project advance women as scholars?

20. Advance as Scholars: *

How does your project cultivate and sustain women's leadership skills and/or synergize with WELFund's leadership development programs for students, faculty and/or staff?

21. Leadership Skills: *

Does your project initiate innovative collaboration within or beyond the University? Please describe.

22. Collaboration : *

How does your project demonstrate capacity to increase awareness about the University and its contributions to women's education and/or increase awareness of women as individuals and in community?

23. Increase Awareness: *

Department Head

All project applications must be approved by the applicant's department head and dean/vice president. Ideally, you should share a draft of your proposal with them prior to submitting this form. Please indicate below the names and email addresses of those we should contact for approval.

24. Department Name(s) and Email(s): *

Dean or Vice President

25. Dean Name(s) and Email(s): *