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WELFund Testimonials

Nicole Kalmus '14 on her research as a Dorothy Goodiwn Scholar-     

This past summer I researched aid transparency, which is publishing foreign assistance data in a central and public location. I am taking my Dorothy Goodwin work and morphing it into my senior Honors thesis. After I graduate I plan to do graduate level studies in development, and continue advocating for aid transparency. I am currently a John G. Martin Scholarship finalist, meaning I have a chance to study at Oxford University and continue my work with transparency and data.     

Personally this summer I learned about my own capabilities as a researcher. I discovered the research process, and as someone looking to do research as a career it affirmed my professional goals. I also was able to create a personal relationship with my advisor, something I did not have with any member of the faculty before my project. This summer I realized how helpful it is to create relationships with the professors and staff at the university.

Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity. It has turned out to be the starting point to my work in presenting, explaining, and advocating for aid transparency. It will not stop here. This experience is one that will be pertinent throughout my entire professional career.  To read the full testimonial click here.

Nicole Coumes '17 on attending the PSI conference-     

The project has been amazing and being here has definitely been one of the most fun as well as intellectually challenging things I have done during my time in college.  I could not be more grateful for WELfund's support.     

My project aims to create sustainable practices at the University of Hartford in partnership with the surrounding community of Hartford in the areas of consumption, waste, and reskilling, through the use of technology.     

One of the most beneficial aspects of PSI is the diversity of fellows and mentors in attendance. I feel as I have already formed ties which will withstand years and distance.