About the College of Arts and Sciences
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About the College of Arts and Sciences

In the College of Arts and Sciences, you can explore a variety of academic disciplines — from the arts and humanities, to sciences and social sciences. Study the great writers or learn to become one. Examine what we know about the past, then harness that historical understanding to hypothesize about the future. Explore the workings of the mind, the complexities of society, the diversity of the arts, and much more.

Although the courses vary greatly among our departments, each program within the College of Arts and Sciences offers you:

  • experienced faculty who are committed to personal student advising and development
  • small class sizes where you will have ample access to your teachers and the department's resources
  • a balanced emphasis on quality liberal arts studies and professional training and experience.

The College of Arts and Sciences is the University’s largest and central college. Through its instruction in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences seeks to foster respect for excellence, tolerance of others, dedication to fairness and social justice, precision in speech and thought, and development of intellect. It does so through a mixture of traditional and innovative programs. Particularly noteworthy are the developing interdisciplinary programs that cut across traditional boundaries and focus on emerging social needs and issues in reading and writing, literature, the environment, internationalization, media, communication, and technology.