Bachelor of Arts in English - Creative Writing Emphasis
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Bachelor of Arts in English - Creative Writing Emphasis

The department offers courses in literary history and traditions. These courses assist students to see how the works of generations of writers explore unifying ideas, ideals, achievements, and aspirations.

The department offers courses on “writers at work” that invite close study of the ideas and literary habits of a writer or a community of writers. These courses assist in understanding the texture of writing produced by individuals of great or compelling talent.

The department offers courses in reading cultural contexts that promote awareness of literary texts as cultural constructs. These courses highlight the importance of society and culture as crucial determinants in the texts we read and analyze.

The department offers courses in theories and practices that explore the methods of literary inquiry. These courses expose and test the theoretical grounding of our various approaches to literary material.

The department offers courses in creative writing that provide instruction in and contexts for practicing and producing the students own literary texts: stories, poems, plays, critical and personal essays. 

A capstone course integrating theory and practice is required of all majors in their senior year.

Course Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Major

Learning Outcomes for the Bachelor of Arts in English

  • Students will manifest an ability to read and understand a wide variety of literary texts.
  • Students will express themselves, whether in their interpretations of literature or in their own creative writing, with clarity, subtlety, and originality.
  • Students will use the vocabulary of literary criticism effectively and confidently.
  • Students will display a broad knowledge of the relationships of literature to historic and/or cultural contexts.